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At iGUIDE we are dedicated to helping our iGUIDE Operators achieve success. Here we are delighted to share some of these stories below.

  • Marco Mendez MM Triad Photography uses iGIUIDE to make a new plan for success

How one photographer used iGUIDE to make a new plan for success

When the pandemic hit, Marco Mendez, a Sales Manager in the hospitality industry, lost his job like many people in the country. Marco already had significant experience working in a corporate setting. Before moving to the United States, he worked at Coca-Cola back home in Venezuela and more recently,[...]

  • Sparks Media Group uses iGUIDE

iGUIDE: Unlocking the Door to Full-time Success as a Real Estate Photographer

Six years ago, you could find Tom Sparks lugging around his photography gear on weekends. Tom is passionate about shooting a variety of events. Capturing images of models, musicians, and weddings fills the desire to create incredible and memorable photos for his clients, but Tom soon discovered it didn’t[...]

  • Ail Sonderup Click 360 Photography uses iGUIDE

How a Real Estate Photographer Went From 0 to 20 iGUIDEs a Week

Ail Sonderup, a London-based real estate photographer, is no stranger to virtual tours. She was introduced to them back in 2003 when the technology was still in its infancy. After graduating from the Fanshawe College Photography program, she worked at a small local startup that was developing this technology for[...]

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