IMS-5 Software and Documentation Downloads

Welcome to the software and documentation downloads area. Here you will find the software required to work with data from the iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera System and update its firmware to the latest version. If you are new to creating iGUIDEs start by downloading Stitch. Stitch will automatically update once installed and will notify you when your camera needs the newest firmware. Firmware update instructions are available or learn to use Stitch by experimenting with the sample data.

Stitch System requirements: MacOS 10.10+ or Windows 8+.

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Notice: Stitch software uses Qt libraries licensed under LGPLv3.

Stitch changelog


– Fixed a rare issue where a project could be imported with some scan positions reset to zero;
Adds support for vertical measurement;


– Fixed crash affecting some systems when loading projects with empty folder;
– Improved check for USB flash disk;
– Added new check for free space on loading project;


– Greatly improves image sharpness and make it adjustable via Settings menu;
– Add ability to hide/show multiple selected scans in iGUIDE;
– Add an option to manually check for updates (useful for those who import from Survey when offline);
– Fix a bug that prevented saved initial pano from being remembered on reloading;
– Increase reliability when processing corrupted image files; – Warn when lens may need calibration;


– Fix an issue where cached photo spheres from old Stitch were not being properly cleared;
– Fix a glitch where the mouse cursor could “jump” far away when pressing Shift and right/middle clicking at the same time;
– Fix a bug that would prevent Stitch from auto-updating near midnight;
– Fix a glitch on MacOS when opening the photo sphere viewer;


Major Changes:

– Image export format changed from pano (cubic) tiles to photo sphere (equirectangular projection) with option to export photo spheres now removed;
– Moved photo sphere branding from Stitch Export Settings to the iGUIDE Portal;
– Increased number of pixels in each image by a factor of 3x, resulting in sharper images;
– Substantial improvement in image blending quality;
– Setting above/below grade status per floor is now required before exporting;
– Added an option to update firmware and System File (system.cfg) via Wi-Fi;
– Introduced an option for lens to laser scanner calibration after aligning lens center;
– Added Pano Preview button in the “Align Pano and Adjust Color” window;
– Changed Presets behavior to be relative instead of absolute (sliders placed at the origin will not override settings anymore). You may need to adjust your current presets;
– Added option to apply Presets on import, after automatic color adjustments;

Minor Changes:

– Added Hints button to menu bar;
– Adjust partial panos for color and verticals;
– Add “Yes to all” in “Arrange all scans” dialog;
– Remove some advanced (mostly unused) options from Settings;
– Improved image quality of User Panos (remove visible seam);
– Improved Load Project dialog by allowing project selection from inside the project folder;
– Fixed auto-update window opening on the wrong monitor;
– Introduced a check for newer system file versions on the portal;
– Optimized “Align Lens Center in System File” feature;
– Fix rare bug when loading property;
– Adjust verticals when aligning using features or color in “Align Pano and Adjust Color” window;
– Remove project backup on closing;
– Fix wrong mouse cursor in “Add notes” mode;


– 30% faster importing time;
– Improve performance of fisheye vertical alignment;
– Improve cross compatibility of .tar between Windows and Mac;
– Fix a bug where in certain cases it would show an error in the first attempt to export;


– Export survey log file;
– Reduce the number of warnings when trying to load corrupted fisheye images;
– Fix position of messages in a multi-monitor setup;


– Preserve expanded/collapsed state of items in project tree view;
– Improve arrangement of disconnected scan groups;
– Disable/Enable in iGUIDE renamed to Hide/Show in iGUIDE;
– Fix issue with User Pano in Adjust Pano dialog;
– Fix auto arrange dialog opening in another monitor;


– Add auto arrange scans (IMS-5);
– Add ability to set initial direction for each pano;
– Add N and P shortcuts to go to next/previous scan;
– Add ability to Delete selected scans;
– Add Repair System File button in Support tab to re calibrate lens centre in bumped cameras (IMS-5);
– Add a warning if all floors are disabled;
– Remove Rotate Floor mode;
– Faster exporting times;
– Hide notifications when clicking outside;
– Improve support for extended characters in file paths;
– Improve handling of corrupted house.dat file (IMS-4);
– Improve reordering items in project tree view;
– Fix issue with rubber band selection;