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New! Explore iGUIDE Lead Magnet

Tired of missing potential listing leads? Try iGUIDE Lead Magnet, our newest 3D virtual tour feature.

iGUIDE Lead Magnet showcases a teaser view of your property listing through your iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tour. Interested buyers who want to see more can request a full detailed view via the pop-up lead gen form, which connects directly to your inbox. 

It's like a 24/7 virtual open house! the quickest and simplest way to connect with interested buyers and prospects.

A complete listing solution

iGUIDE offers a more immersive and engaging experience

Floor plans

Accurate, interactive, digital floor plans that adhere to the ANSI-Z765-2021 and RECA RMS 2017 standards make it easy to visualize the space.

3D virtual tours

An interactive 3D virtual tour of a property gives viewers a sense of being there.

Turn-key marketing tool

Real-time leads, listing feedback, custom agent branding, essential neighborhood information and embed tools.


Detailed engagement statistics provide a detailed breakdown of traffic, visitors and browsing time.

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Jim Gordon

Broker, Agent Gordon Team

Listen to our insider insights

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Real Estate Agent, Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

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Click 'Main Floor' on the iGUIDE to view different floors within the property.
Use the green dots on the floor plan to navigate different rooms.
Click the ruler to try using the measurement feature.

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Evolve your selling process

Generate leads

Gather listing feedback, qualified leads and an easy-to-use engagement experience on every iGUIDE listing!

Save time

Provide detailed property information in a single platform, including floor plans, room dimensions, square footage and more.

Increase exposure

Stand out. Properties listed with iGUIDE receive more online exposure and attract a larger pool of potential buyers.

Reduce costs

Compared to traditional listing tools, iGUIDE is a cost-effective solution to help you sell properties faster and at a higher price point.

A visual overview of the property

With each iGUIDE 3D Tour you’ll receive an accurate floor plan of the space whether it’s digital and used to navigate the tour or downloadable in a variety of file formats.

Precise floor plans in an instant

Capture floor plans and 3D virtual tours in a single visit using the iGUIDE Camera System. It’s fast, accurate and provides flexible file types. Quickly create precise floor plans with area calculations that adhere to the ANSI-Z765-2021 and RECA RMS 2017 standards.

Access important customer insights

Get a complete understanding of how your customers are finding each iGUIDE, who your visitors are and how long they’re staying. Once you’ve got this data, be sure to share these powerful insights.

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industry professionals

    Upon our introduction with the iGUIDE platform we were immediate blown away by the innovative technology, never seen before in the marketplace. iGUIDE provided our team with great efficiency in the overall process, allowing us to invest our time and focus in better servicing our clients.

    Cliff Rego
    Cliff Rego Team, Rego Realty Inc.

    We are sold on this technology as it is the most robust way of giving a buyer a sense of space and layout without actually being on site. About half of our traffic comes from mobile and this system allows us to most effectively display real estate online.

    Desmond von Teichman
    Broker of Record
    Royal LePage Locations North

    iGUIDE allows potential buyers to capturing an emotional attachment and picture themselves in the property. We have noticed that the more layers of visual tools our properties offer, the longer buyers stay on our site, dreaming of their dream house, and of course making that essential offer.

    Maryna de Lannoy
    Design Team & Client Care
    Mark Richards Team, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty

Frequently Asked Questions

iGUIDE is a comprehensive real estate platform that creates immersive 3D tours, floor plans and property measurement data. It consists of a specialized camera and software that work together to capture and process images of a property. The iGUIDE camera is placed in multiple locations within the property to capture 360-degree images, which are then stitched together to create a virtual tour, floor plan and photos.

iGUIDE helps real estate agents showcase properties more effectively by providing immersive 3D tours and accurate floor plans. This enables agents to attract more qualified buyers and streamline the selling process.

For home sellers, iGUIDE offers a competitive edge by presenting their properties in a visually engaging and informative manner. The detailed 3D tours and floor plans can captivate potential buyers and lead to quicker sales.

iGUIDE can be seamlessly integrated with various real estate listing websites, enhancing property listings with interactive 3D tours and comprehensive visual content. This integration maximizes the exposure of properties to potential buyers.

Yes, iGUIDE allows potential buyers to virtually explore properties from anywhere, providing a convenient and immersive experience without the need for physical visits. This is especially useful for out-of-town or busy buyers.

iGUIDE's detailed measurements and floor plans help set realistic buyer expectations by providing an accurate portrayal of the property's layout and dimensions. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or disappointments during in-person viewings.

Yes, iGUIDE is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to access 3D tours, floor plans and photos on smartphones and tablets. This flexibility enables potential buyers to engage with property listings on the go.

iGUIDE Lead Magnet is a feature for iGUIDE Instant, Standard and Premium that enables a pop-up contact form in the 3D Tour. The user will receive a more detailed version of the 3D Tour in exchange for filling out the form.

When enabled, the pop-up contact form is triggered by the user after 30 seconds or after 3 clicks. When completed and submitted, the form’s data will be sent to the listing Agent. The user will receive an automatic email containing the detailed view or be manually contacted by the listing Agent. The listing Agent will receive form data, which includes the user's contact details, via email or SMS.

Every MLS is different and, therefore, has different rules and regulations. Please check with your local MLS to see if this feature is compatible.

It is sent via email or, optionally, SMS. No login is required to access the data, as it is sent directly to the listing Agent.

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