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Insurance and Restoration.

Use iGUIDE to cut costs and improve efficiency during the insurance claims and restoration process.

Whether you are an insurance provider, claims adjuster, restoration professional, or homeowner you can benefit from accurate property information. iGUIDE provides easily shareable 3D tours that have the ability to take on-screen measurements. Expedite any process that would typically require on-site visits.

iGUIDE has the exact tools you need to accurately capture a space and obtain reliable floor plans. Not to mention the ability to measure critical information within the virtual space, saving you time and money by eliminating unnecessary site visits.

Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction, we can help you streamline the process when it comes to capturing the spatial intelligens you need to make decision sites unseen, effectively communicate and calibrate with clients and professionals around the world .

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iGUIDE can help

  • Speed up the claims process
  • Document all aspects of a property loss/claim in one place, with one tour
  • Share data with anyone. Contractors, builders, engineers, policy holders 
  • Provide still images, 360 degree images, and measurements
  • Link to specific locations in the property
  • Include supplementary information using tags (moisture readings, documents)
  • Accurately measure on-screen. No missed measurements
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iGUIDE advantages

  • Fast and efficient data capture
  • No subscription fees
  • Accurate measurements
  • Tag list navigation
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