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The Real Impact of Banned Foreign Home Buyers in Canada

The foreign home buyer ban is now in place throughout Canada. For the most part, the new legislation is just another law in the books that you need to be aware of. The goal of the new rules is to make more residential properties available for residents. By [...]

Real Estate Hindsight – Analyzing your Successes and Failures

A recent NAR report indicates that the hot housing market is starting to cool off. This is  triggered by rising interest rates, a weaker economic outlook and an increase in inventory. This means you must use all the tools at your disposal to stay in the game. It’s [...]

Realtor Lingo: More Real Estate Terms

The home is one you’ve been waiting for, has been lovingly cared for, exudes character, is move-in ready, priced to sell and shows pride of ownership by the original owners but, should your buyer risk purchasing it as is where is from the motivated sellers? Real estate terms [...]

Top 5 Things Home Sellers Expect from Their Real Estate Agent

Silence is golden but when it comes to real estate you are expected to be anything but quiet. Every seller wants to hear the details of how you will get their property sold. Your client’s real estate agent expectations can be met by providing what has become the norm. [...]

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The 3-Step System to Optimize Your Online Listing

  Your online real estate listing should attract buyers, be easily shared and provide results to the seller. With competition heating up and sellers scrambling to get their properties sold you can win listings by implementing a solid marketing plan. What is the first thing every real estate agent advises [...]

Realtor Lingo: Do You Know What You are Saying?

What are you talking about? Every day you get ready to represent home buyers and sellers because you are a real estate professional. MLS listing protocols are second nature, determining a competitive listing price is easy with accurate measurements and writing up contracts is part of your routine. But [...]

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Real Estate and Floor Plan Frustrations – Why Consistency Matters

Real estate is one of the most inconsistent industries on the planet. Each state has a different set of rules and standards set forth by several different real estate boards and associations. Supply and demand drive the market up and down. Several factors affect whether or not you make [...]

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Is Your Realtor Lingo Communicating the Full Value of Your Listing?

Are you communicating with your clients in the right way? Your peers easily connect with RealtorⓇ lingo but the consumer needs a simple way to understand your listings. A description of a handyman special or a fixer-upper is agent speak for “this house needs substantial [...]

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Blockchain and Real Estate – What’s all the buzz about?

Have you heard the term blockchain and immediately thought of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Perhaps you think, why should I care about blockchain? Blockchain technology and real estate are currently being considered for a variety of real-world transactions. Though the technology itself is not new, according [...]

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Why use 3D tours to engage buyers

Impact. If you want to have an impact on your real estate marketing think of 3D tours. Photos are useful to present a 2-dimensional picture of a property but with 3D tours, you not only paint the picture but you make the picture come to [...]

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Real Estate Agent marketing for 2022

Are your real estate marketing strategies working? Is your funnel getting clogged? It’s time you thought about the different stages of marketing to improve getting qualified leads from the top of your funnel to the bottom. Attract potential customers by lubricating their thoughts, delighting them [...]