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iGUIDE & Camera System FAQ

These are some of the most common questions and answers about iGUIDE and the camera system that makes it. If you can not find your question in the list below, please contact support.

Parts of my Instant Sketch look strange, can I send it back to you to change it?2023-08-28T08:01:35-04:00

Please reach out to Verisk Xactimate Support, they will guide you through making any adjustments needed to your Sketch. Planitar’s Instant Sketch is generated by AI, so there may be some areas that need adjustment while the AI learns and improves over time.

Is the square footage of my Instant Sketch accurate?2023-08-28T08:01:42-04:00

Area calculations are approximate.

My token didn’t work. What do I do now?2023-08-28T08:01:49-04:00

Follow the instructions found in the Verisk Xactimate error message.

How do I get help with my Instant Sketch?2023-08-28T08:01:55-04:00

Create a support ticket or contact support via phone or email:
1-855-505-1723 |

Can Instant Sketch be used for any type of property?2023-08-28T08:02:01-04:00

There is a size limit of 5,000 ft² and a scan limit of 70 scans.

Can I realign, add or remove data and reprocess my Instant Sketch?2023-08-28T08:02:06-04:00

Yes, you can re-upload data to an existing Instant Sketch and it will be reprocessed. This is useful for instances where you may not have captured enough data and wish to go back and add more. You may also wish to align data differently to improve your results.

How long does it take to get my Instant Sketch imported into Xactimate?2023-08-28T08:01:19-04:00

It should occur within minutes although property size may impact the processing time.

Can I upgrade my Instant Sketch to something with more detail?2023-08-28T08:01:09-04:00

Yes, you can request an upgrade at any time to a Standard or Premium iGUIDE with an ESX Add-on. Standard and Premium ESX files have more detail than Instant Sketch.

Can I create an Instant Sketch from an iGUIDE Standard or Premium?2023-08-28T08:00:57-04:00

No, Instant Sketch is a standalone package and is not compatible with any other iGUIDE packages. However, an ESX file can be requested from other packages.

Can I have DWG in Metric as well as Imperial measurements?2023-05-03T12:38:40-04:00

iGUIDE DWG floor plans can be set to Metric or Imperial units and will scale correctly.

How can I keep the correct scaling in my iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans?2023-05-03T13:36:29-04:00

The scale is set to 1:1. If you would like to adjust the scale you will have to do that manually in your CAD software

What kinds of properties can I order DWG Floor Plans for?2023-05-03T13:36:37-04:00

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are suited for residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

What is the accuracy of iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans?2023-05-03T13:36:44-04:00

Acceptable tolerance for wall thicknesses is + or – 1/2”. This information is based upon the maximum dimensions of each room and will have an effect on room dimensions. Room dimensions can also vary.  Acceptable tolerance is + or – 1/4”.

How does the pricing work?2023-05-03T23:07:19-04:00

DWG Floor Plans are billed at $0.02/ft² USD. This is on top of the processing fee for a Standard or Premium iGUIDE which is between $0.02/ft² and $0.03/ft² USD respectively. This brings the total cost of DWG Floor Plans to between 0.04/ft² and 0.05/ft² for properties up to 10,000ft².

Does the DWG include any 3D data?2023-05-03T23:07:35-04:00

The iGUIDE DWG floor plan does not contain any 3D data.

How long will it take to get my DWG Floor Plan delivered?2023-05-03T23:07:26-04:00

Simply request the DWG file upon creation of a Standard or Premium iGUIDE and your file will be delivered within 48 hours. Excluding Sundays, holidays, and outside office hours (Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm ET).

How does the DWG file differ from the DXF that’s included with every iGUIDE?2023-05-05T09:44:43-04:00

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are more detialed than iGUIDEs DXF floor plans. The DWG has additional features such as AIA Layers, door types, and partial floor-to-floor alignment.

What are the main differences between the DWG Floor Plan you get from a Standard iGUIDE vs a Premium one?2023-05-03T23:08:07-04:00
Feature Standard Premium
48 hr Processing Time ✔️ ✔️
Wall Types & Placement ✔️ ✔️
Wall Sizes at ½” Tolerances ✔️ ✔️
Door Types & Placement ✔️ ✔️
Windows Placement ✔️ ✔️
Stairs ✔️ ✔️
Structural Elements ✔️ ✔️
AIA Layers ✔️ ✔️
Partial Floor to Floor Alignment ✔️ ✔️
Room Labels ✔️
Room Areas ✔️
Room Dimensions at ¼” Tolerances ✔️
Premium Objects ✔️
Flat Ceiling Heights ✔️
Can I update my previously created iGUIDES to a DWG Floor Plan?2023-05-03T23:09:06-04:00

All previously created iGUIDEs can have the DWG Floor Plan add-on. There are key differences between Premium and Standard iGUIDEs when creating the DWG. The differences can be seen here.

Do I need to have an iGUIDE made to order a DWG Floor Plan?2023-05-03T23:09:13-04:00

Yes – you are required to order an iGUIDE Standard or Premium to get a DWG Floor Plan.

What makes iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans special?2023-05-03T23:09:28-04:00

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are a head start on creating more complex drawings. They can save you a great amount of time and money in the lead-up to creating your custom drawing by greatly reducing the time it takes to measure a property and convert it into a usable CAD file.

What software can open DWG files?2023-05-03T23:09:34-04:00

There are many including AutoCAD and Revit.

Who typically uses DWG Floor Plans?2023-05-03T23:09:44-04:00

DWG files are used by Architects, Engineers, construction professionals, and designers to understand and work with dimensional property data. However, they can be used by anyone with access to CAD software who needs to redesign or plan changes to a space.

What are DWG files used for?2023-05-03T23:09:50-04:00

DWG is short for drawing and is a file format used by CAD software to store detailed dimensional property information. iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are used to create Architectural Floor Plans, Construction Floor Plans, As-Built Drawings, and Design Drawings.

How do I get started?2023-05-03T23:09:57-04:00

Assuming you already have an iGUIDE Camera System, it’s as simple as selecting DWG Floor Plan as an add-on for your iGUIDE package. Read this knowledge base article for detailed instructions. If you need to purchase an iGUIDE Camera System, you can do so here.

Does the system work on exteriors?2023-02-13T08:12:12-05:00

Exterior panos can be captured. However, iGUIDE does not provide square footage for exterior areas. Also, iGUIDE does not align exterior panos. This can only be done independently by operators.

How does your camera perform in low light settings?2023-02-13T08:10:29-05:00

The iGUIDE camera system performs well in low-light settings. By utilizing its HDR (High Dynamic Range), the camera system is able to brighten darker spaces to assist in processing claims quicker and easier.

How accurate are your measurements?2023-02-06T23:20:03-05:00

The iGUIDE camera system accurately measures the distance to walls with a 1 cm degree of uncertainty within a range of 40 meters (130 ft) of distance. iGUIDE uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser points per second rather than a single laser point, used by handheld scanners.

You can find iGUIDE’s measurement method summarized here

How is your system different from Matterport2023-02-06T23:20:03-05:00

While there are similarities between Matterport and iGUIDE, there are also key differences as well. iGUIDE is proud to be able to offer an industry-leading degree of accuracy with a faster and easier capture process accompanied by no subscription fees.

Do you have ESX/Xactimate compatible files?2023-02-06T23:20:03-05:00

Yes, iGUIDE is able to provide ESX and Xactimate files.

What are the limitations of your ESX files? What needs to be added in manually?2023-02-06T23:20:03-05:00

Review iGUIDEs ESX spec sheet and capabilities here.

Where is the data hosted? Are there hosting fees?2023-02-06T23:20:02-05:00

iGUIDE provides hosting on or while also allowing users to download your own data and self-host.

What are the processing fees/ESX fees?2023-02-06T23:20:02-05:00

For an iGUIDE Standard up to 1450 sq ft, there is a $29 USD iGUIDE processing fee. An additional fee of $29 USD is associated with ESX processing. Further information on fees and pricing can be found here.

How fast does the PLANIX system operate on-site?2023-02-06T23:20:02-05:00

The iGUIDE PLANIX system has arguably the fastest capture time in the 3D modeling space. With a 10-16 second scan time, a property of 3000 sq ft can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Does the system work on large properties? (hotels, commercial buildings, etc.)2023-02-06T23:20:02-05:00

Yes, iGUIDE camera systems can capably handle properties of any size. In this scenario, more scan points would be used to capture larger areas.

What is the battery life of the system?2023-02-06T23:20:02-05:00

The iGUIDE PLANIX has a battery life of 7 hours.

Are iGUIDEs published in the order that I upload them?2020-12-09T14:25:35-05:00

Not always. Draft processing starts in order of submission, but is generally finished in order of size and complexity. The Drafting Team ensure that every file goes through two stages of processing: Draft and QA. The first stage of processing, stitching, is completed by you! Since each file is a combined effort between at least 3 people (Drafter, QA, and you, the Operator), processing time naturally varies in this way as well.

Can I use iGUIDE in my company name?2020-07-27T08:04:09-04:00

No. Please don’t use the word iGUIDE or the iGUIDE logo in your company name or domain name. The iGUIDE name and logo should not be used by anyone other than Planitar, as it may confuse the customer. However, feel free to use the iGUIDE logo for information purposes, such as in a written article or an advertising campaign. For more information about using the iGUIDE name and logo, please read our Branding Guide.

What else can virtual staging do?2019-12-17T09:37:53-05:00

With virtual staging, you can add in blue skies or twilight skies to windows, replace messy Fall or Spring scrub on the lawns with green grass, put a fire in the fireplace, and much more.

Can I have existing furniture removed and replaced with virtual options?2019-12-05T08:07:20-05:00

Yes. This service is available from some providers for an extra fee.

How long does virtual staging take?2019-12-04T15:00:27-05:00

The time required to virtually stage a panorama varies from company to company. 24 to 48 hours is common.

How much does virtual staging cost?2019-12-09T14:17:53-05:00

The cost of virtually staging a 360° panorama will vary depending on the company used. Virtual staging companies set their own prices based on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the project.

Can I have multiple 360° panoramas staged?2019-12-17T08:56:02-05:00

Yes. You can have as many 360° panoramas staged as are available. 3D tours usually provide views from one room to another at different angles. Ensuring that the virtual staging is visible and consistently rendered throughout the tour allows for a more cohesive and immersive experience.

What is required to have virtual staging enabled?2019-12-17T08:54:48-05:00

Our 360° panos come ready to be virtually staged. You do not have to do anything beyond downloading the images from the iGUIDE Portal, editing them yourself or supplying them to the virtual staging company, and then uploading the virtually staged 360° panoramas back into the Portal.

Why would I want to have a 360° panorama virtually staged?2019-12-16T10:12:11-05:00

Virtual staging offers many advantages during the home selling process. Often buyers and viewers, when faced with an empty room or house, are unable to imagine the possibilities that different furniture and decor may present. Rooms can look less appealing and lifeless when they have no furniture, so virtually staging a vacant home can help it to appear more welcoming and home-y.

Who provides 360° virtual staging?2019-12-17T09:21:17-05:00

360° virtual staging is provided by companies that specialize in image editing. iGUIDE does not provide this service directly. We have made our images easy to access for those who wish to hire someone to do this work and have provided a suggestion to get you started.

Is virtual staging available for every iGUIDE?2019-12-12T15:45:06-05:00

Yes, but there is a time limit. You are able to have 360° panos virtually staged for an iGUIDE up until two weeks post drafting.

How do I use the Advanced Measurements?2019-11-14T10:07:57-05:00

Click here to learn how to use Advanced Measurements within the floor plan and 3D tour.

Do you assign territiories or offer exclusitivity to photographers?2021-03-15T15:12:42-04:00


How accurate is the iGUIDE camera system?2021-08-27T11:44:54-04:00

Typical iGUIDE measurement uncertainty, in distance measurement on a floor plan, is 0.5% or better and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is 1% or better. BOMA and Alberta RMS standards stipulate maximum square footage errors of 2% and iGUIDE easily meets these requirements.

Can I remove the iGUIDE logo from the tour?2019-07-16T11:22:31-04:00

The logo cannot be removed from the tour. The iGUIDE logo on the tour is an assurance of how the measurements were recorded and how the floor area was calculated.

We provide you with all the room measurements, floor area calculations as well as our method of measurement. If you’re ever in a dispute with square footage, the judge or arbitrator will want to look at the floor plan, the room measurements, the floor area calculations and the method of measurement. To our knowledge, we are the only company that provided all 4 of these. iGUIDE is ultimately your protection.

Can I return the camera?2021-03-15T15:14:02-04:00

Our return policy:

Customer may return, at the expense of Customer, the first System ever purchased by Customer from Planitar within 30 days of the date of the original shipment provided that the System is in the original packaging and all shipping instructions provided by Planitar are followed. For clarity: (i) no returns are possible after the 30 day period; and (ii) this Return Policy does not apply to any subsequently purchased System or any System obtained through a trade-in program. If the System is returned within this timeframe and confirmed by Planitar to be in full working condition and not to be damaged, Planitar will provide a refund based upon the original payment method and paid amount. Customer agrees that the refund will exclude the following: (i) restocking fee equal to 15% of the original System price; (ii) original shipping costs to Customer, and (iii) cost of any repairs required to restore the System to full working condition, as deemed necessary by Planitar.

​Do I need insurance?2019-07-16T08:29:48-04:00

We strongly recommend getting a liability insurance and also advise adding to the policy equipment coverage and errors and omissions insurance.

Can iGUIDEs be branded?2019-07-16T07:58:29-04:00

iGUIDEs can include a branded banner inside the tour window (typically used for agent branding) and iGUIDE Operators can include their branding at the bottom of every panorama covering the tripod. iGUIDEs are configured with both branded and unbranded URLs. There is an additional option to enforce the branded version only.

What kinds of spaces can I map?2021-03-15T15:15:15-04:00

The camera system is used today to map many different spaces including homes, rental properties, construction sites, commercial and industrial buildings, retail spaces and hospitality. Even spaces spanning a city block can be easily mapped.

What is the camera warranty?2021-03-15T15:24:14-04:00

The camera warranty is one year for parts, materials and workmanship.

What output formats does iGUIDE provide?2019-07-16T07:56:38-04:00

Besides 3D tour, iGUIDE floor plans are available in several formats: PDF, JPEG, SVG, and DXF. The DXF floor plans also contain 2D laser point cloud and can be used with CAD software.

How is the square footage calculated?2019-11-03T22:40:36-05:00
Can my clients make changes to the iGUIDE?2019-07-16T07:55:07-04:00

You can give access to the iGUIDE to any amount of clients and they will be able to make the same kind of changes that you’re able to do.

Can I make changes to the iGUIDE after it has been posted online2019-07-16T07:54:42-04:00

Yes. Panoramas can be hidden or shown and floor plan labels can be modified. Gallery images, agent branding, video, property details can all be changed or updated along with more available customization.

What if my clients require the same day turn-around?2021-04-12T10:59:29-04:00

Rush processing may be available upon request only when the Drafting Team’s daily load permits. You can also use the iGUIDE Portal to upload your iGUIDE gallery images, link your external videos and send a preliminary iGUIDE Report to your clients the same day with the 3D tour section being blank until the iGUIDE is completed.

How do I send the data to Planitar for processing?2019-07-16T07:53:21-04:00

The measurement data and panoramas are uploaded to the iGUIDE Cloud through the iGUIDE Portal for processing and iGUIDE creation.

Can I make changes to the panoramas?2019-07-16T08:25:36-04:00

The camera images are saved as JPEGs and can be modified in any image-processing software (e.g. to edit your mirror reflections) prior to being automatically stitched into panoramas in Planitar proprietary software.

How much time does post-processing take?2019-07-16T07:52:27-04:00

Since the camera system uses auto white balance, auto exposure and auto alignment, most iGUIDE operators spend as little as 2-3 minutes in our post processing software “Stitch” before sending us the data. Additional time is needed for processing still images for the image gallery and will depend on your individual preferences and workflow.

What post-processing needs to be done after the shoot?2019-07-16T07:51:59-04:00

Planitar proprietary software is used to process the data on your home computer. It automatically aligns and stitches panoramas for you. You can then make further changes and adjust colors if you wish.

When will my iGUIDE be ready?2019-07-16T07:51:07-04:00

The floor plans are drafted and the iGUIDE is completed and delivered during the next day after the upload.

Is there a subscription fee and how many iGUIDES can I host?2019-11-03T22:37:05-05:00

There is no monthly subscription fee and you can host an unlimited number of iGUIDEs.

What is the camera training like?2021-03-15T15:15:22-04:00

Training is done online though our operator training and resources page.

How do I order an iGUIDE Camera System?2021-03-15T15:28:40-04:00

You can purchase an iGUIDE Camera System here.

How do I order an iGUIDE tour?2020-01-06T10:55:39-05:00

View the Order an iGUIDE tour and find an iGUIDE Operator in your area.

Can I use my own 3D Camera with iGUIDE’s software?2021-03-15T15:23:05-04:00

No. In order to use our software and create iGUIDEs, all virtual tours and floor plans must be generated from an iGUIDE Camera System.

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