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Revolutionizing project management: The benefits of real-time feedback with virtual tours

Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep your projects on track? When it comes to threading communications together and trying to keep everyone on the same page, most contractors are walking a thin tightrope. Keeping a project on track can feel like wishful thinking. Ad hoc meetings, site visits and lengthy phone calls [...]

Master Trades Group reduces project timelines and increases accuracy with iGUIDE

The construction industry has experienced a 16.7% increase in 2022, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. As a result, project timelines are getting longer and the demand for materials and talent is extending project timelines.  Marcel Bradbury, President of Master Trades Group, was looking for a better way to meet client expectations [...]

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Unveiling the benefits of iGUIDE DWG files: Simplify designs & streamline workflows

When it comes to architecture, engineering and construction, accuracy and efficiency are crucial. Creating detailed and precise DWG files is a vital part of the design and construction process. iGUIDE is a powerful tool that can help professionals in these industries streamline their workflow and enhance the quality of their work. In [...]