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Virtual Staging2021-03-05T17:02:01-05:00

iGUIDE is now virtual staging compatible

Virtual Staging can add personality to an otherwise empty and “lifeless” house with the addition of furniture, accessories, blue skies in the windows, and warm fires in the fireplace. iGUIDE understands how important this functionality is for property listings, so we’ve made it easy for you to virtually stage iGUIDEs or to take advantage of the virtual staging services that many companies are now offering.

Attract More Buyers

iGuide - More Buyers

Homebuyers are naturally more drawn to furnished spaces that they can see themselves living in, than an empty environment.

Save Money

iGuide - money

Virtual staging is a fraction of the cost of traditional staging, making 3D tours more affordable and appealing for difficult to sell vacant properties.

Save Time

iGuide - No Stress Agent

Traditional staging can be time consuming, physically exhausting, and carries the risk of damage to the property when moving furniture in and out.

Higher Marketing Standard

iGuide - marketing

Don’t leave it to their imagination, show homebuyers the possibilities that the property holds. When you combine iGUIDE and Virtual Staging, you add to the WOW factor.

Who can virtually stage an iGUIDE?

iGUIDE 360° panos are compatible with the majority of services that will virtually stage 360° images.

When selecting a company to virtually stage your iGUIDE, remember to ask them about their:

  • Ability to stage 360° images and not just 2D images.
  • Revision policy (if you are unsatisfied with an aspect of the staging).
  • Expected turnaround time-frame (how quickly you expect to get it back).
  • Cost to stage, per 360° pano, or if there is a package deal for the entire house.

iGUIDE 360° image assets can be easily downloaded for offline editing. For detailed instructions click here.

Need a place to start? We suggest:

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Have a few more questions about how iGUIDEs can be virtually staged? Go ahead and read through these frequently asked questions.

Is virtual staging available for every iGUIDE?2019-12-12T15:45:06-05:00

Yes, but there is a time limit. You are able to have 360° panos virtually staged for an iGUIDE up until two weeks post drafting.

Who provides 360° virtual staging?2019-12-17T09:21:17-05:00

360° virtual staging is provided by companies that specialize in image editing. iGUIDE does not provide this service directly. We have made our images easy to access for those who wish to hire someone to do this work and have provided a suggestion to get you started.

Why would I want to have a 360° panorama virtually staged?2019-12-16T10:12:11-05:00

Virtual staging offers many advantages during the home selling process. Often buyers and viewers, when faced with an empty room or house, are unable to imagine the possibilities that different furniture and decor may present. Rooms can look less appealing and lifeless when they have no furniture, so virtually staging a vacant home can help it to appear more welcoming and home-y.

What is required to have virtual staging enabled?2019-12-17T08:54:48-05:00

Our 360° panos come ready to be virtually staged. You do not have to do anything beyond downloading the images from the iGUIDE Portal, editing them yourself or supplying them to the virtual staging company, and then uploading the virtually staged 360° panoramas back into the Portal.

Can I have multiple 360° panoramas staged?2019-12-17T08:56:02-05:00

Yes. You can have as many 360° panoramas staged as are available. 3D tours usually provide views from one room to another at different angles. Ensuring that the virtual staging is visible and consistently rendered throughout the tour allows for a more cohesive and immersive experience.

How much does virtual staging cost?2019-12-09T14:17:53-05:00

The cost of virtually staging a 360° panorama will vary depending on the company used. Virtual staging companies set their own prices based on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the project.

How long does virtual staging take?2019-12-04T15:00:27-05:00

The time required to virtually stage a panorama varies from company to company. 24 to 48 hours is common.

Can I have existing furniture removed and replaced with virtual options?2019-12-05T08:07:20-05:00

Yes. This service is available from some providers for an extra fee.

What else can virtual staging do?2019-12-17T09:37:53-05:00

With virtual staging, you can add in blue skies or twilight skies to windows, replace messy Fall or Spring scrub on the lawns with green grass, put a fire in the fireplace, and much more.

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