Advanced Measurements – Measure Distances in 3D Space

Advanced Measurements are here! A wealth of critical information about a space and its features can be gathered online directly from the iGUIDE tour. Avoid unnecessary site visits, share information with anyone/anywhere, and limit costly human error.

iGUIDE gets a 3D measurement capability – measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space. Using only data from the iGUIDE camera and without a need to collect time-consuming 3D point clouds. Remotely plan and manage space. Whether it’s for personal use or for a contractor, Advanced Measurements can measure a space for several common everyday scenarios that span a broad range of industries:

  • Sizing and positioning furniture, decor items, or area rugs
  • Plan cabinet layouts and determine costs for a kitchen renovation
  • Determine repair or replacement costs for carpet, hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring
  • Plan for the placement of appliances
  • Estimate repair costs for pipes, ducts, and wiring
  • Measure windows to estimate the replacement cost for coverings, or for heat loss calculations
  • Calculate quantity and cost when painting
  • Measure ceiling height for holiday decorating or accommodating that family heirloom wardrobe

Advanced Measurements eliminate costly mistakes by having the information available at all times and the ability to measure and re-measure as many times as necessary, in any mode, until you’re confident in your calculations. Measurement accuracy for Advanced Measurements will vary depending on how particular measurement points are selected by the user. Estimated uncertainty for each measurement is reported during use to aid the user in understanding the results.

Measure in one of three modes, each with their own advantages.

Mode 1: Measurements on Floor Plan – Measure from point to point on the floor plan. Draw simple lines to measure anything represented two dimensionally.

Mode 2: Measurements in a Vertical Plane – Measure on a plane. Define a wall and then measure anything that is placed against it.

Mode 3: Dual Panorama Triangulation – Measure using two points of view. Select features from two different angles to measure anything you can see in the visuals.

See Advanced Measurements in action:

Advanced Measurements are included as part of every iGUIDE. For a more technical explanation and detailed instructions click here.

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