In an already crowded photography industry, you need powerful tools to stand out. Real estate photography is more than getting a perfect shot, rule of thirds, and vertical lines. It’s about providing the little extras that your clients have come to expect in today’s market. You can step up your game by using a floorplan tool like those offered by market leaders like iGUIDE.

A floor plan and accurate measurement compliment photographic images and make it easier for your real estate clients to present the “big picture” of each listing. As a real estate photographer, honing in on the needs of the industry by offering must-have services gives you advantages over the competition. Factors like outstanding lighting and an eye for composition assist in producing great photos but real estate agents also want ways to improve their marketing results. Additional must-have services like virtual tours and precisely measured floor plans increase leads to help all their properties sell quickly.

Here are the top 5 advantages of providing floor plans with every real estate photography package

Accuracy in the industry is important

Accuracy. The word itself stands alone. One of the perks you can offer your real estate clients is providing an accurate measurement of every property. Still images capture the beauty and the esthetics of a home but when paired with a precisely measured floorplan tool the consumer can make a quick educated decision on the validity of a property for their desired use. Homebuyers want the ability to see where their existing household items will fit. When they have all the accurate figures at their disposal decision-making is easier. Industry standards are changing rapidly with more real estate boards implementing measurement standards. Deliver the accurate results your real estate clients need and want. Provide a floor plan in every photo package.

Make your real estate photography business stand out

The real estate photography business is competitive. You need to stand out by implementing new technology like immersive virtual tours, drone footage, and accurate measurements. Packaging multiple services together with iGUIDE’s floorplan tool will give your business an all-important “extra” that top Realtors are looking for. Floor plans are produced in multiple formats inclusive of PDF, JPG, DXF, and SVG to easily share in a variety of situations. Remember, you are in the business to make your clients’ listings get the attention they deserve. Agents hire professional photographers to showcase their client’s homes. Using proptech tools gets agents leads and referrals, in return making you their go-to photo person time and again. 

Showcase your niche

How many different types of photographs have you captured over the years? From portraits and landscapes to weddings and commercial shoots. When you finally decide to narrow down your focus to make real estate photography your niche, make sure to include accurate measurements in all your pricing levels. No one likes to measure properties room by room with retractable measuring devices or handheld laser tools. You can accomplish the art of accurate measurement all in one simple step by using state-of-the-art unconventional camera equipment and floorplan tool. Capture 3D tours, data, interactive floor plans, and photographs quickly and give your clients what they need.

Increase revenue

One of the most important advantages to offering floor plans and accurate measurements as an add-on or inclusive service is to increase your revenue. A regular photoshoot with 30 MLS-ready pictures is already something you charge a specific fee for. Using a floorplan tool in your repertoire adds valuable services to every real estate job you acquire. Agents always look for ways to cut down on time-consuming tasks such as drafting their own floor plans and calculating measurements. The result is a Realtor who is looking to save time by leveraging your services. The more time they save allows them to dedicate more time in their day to acquire listings and make sales. Up charging for the services the agents need helps improve your bottom line and that of your clients. Time is money, especially in real estate.

Grow your brand

You are your brand. Everything you produce, the way you communicate with your clients, and the message you deliver. Grow your brand by using an accurate floorplan tool with every real estate photography job. Be consistent in what you provide and stay in touch with the needs of agents. Real estate agents rely heavily on professional photos, immersive 3D tours, and accurately measured floor plans to engage with the consumer and represent their brand. You can brand yourself a stand-out real estate photographer by including all the services that help your clients get more clients.

With more than 97% of consumers searching for their dream home on the internet you can bet every real estate agent wants their listing to pop off the screen. You can make this happen. The way to keep the consumer-focused a little longer is by providing information via accurate measurements and floor plans. The advantages are numerous to you and your Realtor clients. Think of your real estate photography business as a top influencer. How many followers you get is dependent on using the right tools for the trade

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