Now is the time to capture the moment and learn more about real estate photography. With most of 2020 in the rear-view mirror the future beckons you to stay focused on 3D tours and technology; to boldly go beyond where no one has gone before. Does this sound a little like Star Trek? Actually, it’s more property tech than Trek.

2020 has been a year to distance yourself from people, alter methodology, and shift gears while learning how to become a great real estate photographer. During the time isolated from your typical client photoshoots, there has been a coming together with real estate agents worldwide to connect, educate, and offer solutions to overcome the challenges associated with social distancing and service clients in the best way possible.

You have become a Realtor’s® “best friend”, part of their “cohort”, and most importantly, a member of their team. So how, as an emerging Real Estate Photographer can you continue to build a thriving business to best serve both industries?

Nurture the Relationship

Real Estate Agents develop strong working relationships with industry members, home inspectors, solicitors, surveyors, and photographers. They rely on expert advice to assist in the process of listing, marketing, and selling property. One of the main industries that have taken center stage during the pandemic is Real Estate Photography.

Key elements of Real Estate Photography every Realtor® looks for are quality photos, 360° tours, floor plans, virtual tours, and accurate square footage calculations. The ability to offer these services quickly and efficiently fortifies the working relationship between the two industries. Time is money for both you and the members of your team.

Show up to your next shoot with helpful solutions supporting the needs of your real estate agent to assist them in getting their listing on the market quickly. What more does a Real Estate Photography professional need to focus on?

real estate photographer talking to agent

See the Big Picture. Find the Aperture in the Field of Real Estate.

Think beyond Covid-19.

As the virus lags on, it is important to realize that property tech and real estate go hand in hand. Big players in the industry such as iGUIDE, with their 3D camera technology and software, along with other brands are streamlining property technology. The results are faster turnaround time, and more services to offer in your real estate marketing kitty. Homes are being listed at an all-time high and you need to work with your real estate team efficiently. Use your 3D Virtual Tour Camera to capture photographs and measure square footage calculations all in one appointment.

Virtual tours and real estate floor plans can be captured on average in about 20 minutes giving you more time to upsell things like detailed floor plans and advanced measurements. Grow your real estate photography business by offering the property tech services that NAR says are here to stay.

Think About the Future

The Covid-19 vaccine is coming, but it will not cause real estate marketing to revert to a pre-virus state. The industry has become reliant on quality real estate photography, adapted to the new normal, and will continue to use 360° tours as a way to reach potential clients. Virtual tours and accurate floor plans are now on every Realtors® checklist, plain and simple. If you are not offering these services, you stand to lose out on a substantial amount of business.

As the consumer drives demand for new property tech in real estate, you can expect easy-to-use solutions to be added to this multi-billion dollar industry. Aerial 360s give the consumer a whole new perspective and can greatly complement 3D tours of the property interiors. Home buyers can scope out the entire area beyond typical photos, square footage calculations, and room dimensions.

Yesterday’s point and shoot cameras have given way to 3D Virtual Tour Cameras and tomorrow’s augmented virtual reality is just around the corner. This next step will give the ability to be virtually present at any property anywhere in the world. Think about it, property tech will continue to drive the real estate industry and you need to be a part of it.

Realtor® open houses may now be a thing of the past, but online virtual tours along with virtual showings will continue to be used well into the future. As a society, we will be demanding better ways to eliminate in-person property viewings, and as a real estate photographer, you can fill the demand.

Get the picture? Get the big picture, iGUIDE.

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