Give the whole picture by adding these services to your Real Estate Photography Business

You are a storyteller. Your audience is as varied as your photos. Capturing beautiful images is not only a passion it’s a way of life.

You are a storyteller. Your audience is as varied as your photos. Capturing beautiful images is not only a passion it’s a way of life. If your pictures are limiting you to presenting just a short story, perhaps it’s time to add some in-demand extras to your real estate photography services. The demand for residential real estate has gone through the roof in the past couple of years. This desire has also increased the need for real estate photography and supplemental services. Real estate agents partner with professional photographers to help market their listings by capturing the attention of the consumer. To present a property completely the information provided must include a comprehensive tale with a beginning, middle, and end. How can you help your real estate clients get on the best seller’s list?

Your real estate photography business plan

Planning your real estate photography business requires thought and preparation. Once you have worked out a budget, made a list of equipment, and brushed up on your skills, it’s time to think about the services you should be offering. Real estate photography is more than taking boring pictures of houses. It’s about sparking interest in a property and guiding the consumer on a journey that leads to a happy ending. You must consider your real estate clients and understand the needs of their industry. Help tell the complete story of a property by using tools that engage the consumer and create an emotional attachment. Accomplishing this task is as easy as adding a few must-have photography services.

Help make the connection with videography

Think of real estate photography services like a cinematographer. Capture the beauty and essence of a property through video. Realtors have come to rely on video to attract the eye of a potential buyer. A well-shot video accompanied by narration and music is a great way for anyone to experience a home without the need for immediate in-person viewing. Video can increase connection with a property and the agent at the same time. Inserting the agents’ accolades or short interviews from past clients help promote the Realtors brand.

3D tours and accurate floor plans

Unlike a video, a 3D tour should be part of every real estate photography business plan. Your agent may not always require a full-on mini-movie but a 3D tour is a must. Immersive 3D tours combined with interactive floor plans help the consumer identify with the home. Easy navigation from every room and each level of the property make the overall experience positive. Consumers tend to stay and “play” with the visuals longer as they explore each space within the home. This creates an emotional attachment on their journey and leads to the desire to make a purchase.

A different point of view – drone footage

The use of drones to capture aerial photos of a property is becoming more and more popular. Large expansive acreage properties can benefit from the use of drone footage to help the consumer get a better idea of the ratio of building size to land size. Not only is aerial footage great for capturing the exterior and surroundings of a home, but it can also be used in combination with videography and 3D tour technology. Realtors will often want these services as part of a package when listing a multi-million dollar home or commercial property. As part of your real estate photography business plan be sure to include any licencing fees or pilot drone certification that may be required in your specific region.

Why add extra real estate photography services

Both the consumer and the real estate agent need and want more than just good professional photos. From the Realtor’s perspective all the tools to market a home successfully start with making every listing available to the consumer. Presenting a home using 3D tours, floor plans, and video makes it easy for potential homebuyers to envision living there. These services also appeal to the seller as it means more qualified buyers view the property before deciding to view it in person. This cuts down on unnecessary showings and fewer disruptions in the seller’s schedule. The bottom line is, these services will add revenue to your already growing business. If you don’t offer them, you can be sure another professional photographer will.

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