3D Virtual Walkthroughs & Floor Plans

Accelerate your design process and permit approvals with iGUIDE

3D Virtual Walkthroughs & Floor Plans

Accelerate your design process and permit approvals with iGUIDE​

Quickly turn digital measurements into efficiency gains for your business

With iGUIDE, you can turn around DWG floor plans within 48 hours*, easily share project files with partners and create 3D walkthroughs for your clients.

Stop struggling with inaccurate measurements, time-consuming processes and inefficient project planning and collaboration.

Discover how you can boost productivity and cut costs with a virtual demo.

Say goodbye to hours of manual measurements and drawing

By implementing iGUIDE you can get to permit approval quicker, remotely review the project site 24/7/365 via a 3D walkthrough, take digital measurements as needed and secure remote bids from your partners!

DWG floor plans in
48 hours or less*

Virtual walkthroughs
& accurate documentation

Virtual building
permits & approval

Real-time collaboration
with contractors

*DWG Floor Plan delivery time is dependent on property size and complexity and may exceed 48 hours. Excluding Sundays, holidays, and outside office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).

Experience the power of iGUIDE for yourself!

Take 1,000’s of measurements instantly for improved accuracy with each scan

The days of having to measure manually are in the past.

The iGUIDE PLANIX camera system quickly and accurately documents spaces so you can virtually share, communicate and deliver information in real-time.

As easy as 1-2-3

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans expedite permit approvals effortlessly

The iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans offer a suite of advanced features designed to create fast and accurate CAD drawings tailored to your specific requirements – they’re providing you a head start.

  1. iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are LOD 200 – level of detail.
  2. AIA – American Institute of Architects standard layers.
  3. Annotations include labels, areas, objects and dimensions – Premium only.

iGUIDE X-RAY: See beyond the wall to what lies beneath

Capture the property before the drywall is installed to have a visual record before it’s closed off. This is a valuable tool for new homeowners as they modify and decorate their home with advanced knowledge of what structure, plumbing and electrical systems exist within the walls.

This is a marketing representation only and does not accurately represent the iGUIDE product.

Unprecedented visibility:
Non-invasively visualize hidden
property elements

Efficient troubleshooting:
Pinpoint issues and save time on diagnostics

Streamline renovations:
Accurate assessments for smoother construction processes

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