The IMS-5 Camera is unique.  Unlike a conventional camera system, it measures and photographs a space — at the same time. This reduces time spent in each space as you quickly capture information for a virtual tour and floor plans. Its robust design was created with professional level workflows in mind for consistent operation – All day. Every day.

 Resolution  26MP
 Scan Time  16 Seconds
 Battery Life  10 Hours
 LiDAR Range  30 Feet
 Exposure & Color  Automatic
 HDR  Automatic
 Image Stitching  Automatic

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What is the process?

Here’s how an iGUIDE gets made. Let’s start with a brief explanation of the process from beginning to end. The process can be simplified into the following steps:

  1. You – the iGUIDE Photographer – capture data with the iGUIDE camera system and send it in for processing.
  2. The data is drafted, hosted, and then delivered to you and whoever else you want it sent to (think Agents, Brokers, team members, etc.).
  3. The iGUIDE is then shared by your clients – the Real Estate professionals and property managers.
  4. Prospective buyers and renters use the iGUIDE to understand the property from all angles.

Step 1 – Capture

The IMS-5 camera is used by you – the iGUIDE Photographer – to capture all the data (such as fisheye images and laser measurement data) required to make an iGUIDE. You will move the camera through the house to capture images and data from every room. Capture all the data required for an iGUIDE in one visit. An iGUIDE scan of an average 3000 sq ft building can be completed in under 20 minutes. When the data capture is complete, the data is then exported from the included software by you before being sent to our iGUIDE Drafting Team.

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Step 2 – Draft

The iGUIDE Drafting Team interprets the data that has been captured to draft floor plans and create the iGUIDE. The final iGUIDE is then delivered to you – the iGUIDE Photographer, as well as anyone else you designate, such as the Agent (your client). iGUIDE Drafters are real people who work Monday – Saturday to draft and deliver iGUIDES with a next day turnaround that exceeds industry standards.

Step 3 – Share

The iGUIDE is then shared by your clients – the Real Estate professionals and property managers as they market the property on listing sites, social media, and websites. It can also be shared offline or as printed material. The iGUIDE is used to communicate the listing’s data and information that buyers and renters want before making their purchase or rent decision.

Step 4 – Connect

People all over the world can then connect with property information using the iGUIDE. Buyers and renters are looking for all the essentials that iGUIDE provides. Photos, floor plans, measurements, and virtual tours are consistently ranked very highly in studies that determine what home buyers and sellers are looking for.

“For us, iGUIDE technology made sense. We wanted to grow our business but were missing the measurements, floor plans and interactive tools that the iGUIDE system gave us. We are almost a year into our relationship with iGUIDE, it has been great; their customer care and ongoing innovation is tremendous.”

Phil Maurion, Visual Advantage

“iGUIDE is a game changer!  The toolkit for us as producers and the benefits for our clients is immeasurable.  What is measurable is any real estate listing and beyond with fantastic client engagement and always positive feedback.  This is the gold standard for 360 multimedia and measurement standards throughout the real estate industry.”

James Lieper, Creative Virtual Tours

“In our line of business, time is money and iGUIDE never misses a deadline. We guarantee our clients will receive their iGUIDE the next day and Planitar gives us the confidence to make this guarantee.”

Michael Feric, snapd iGUIDE

iGUIDE is a solution for your photography business

iGUIDE was designed to quickly and easily produce floor plans and virtual tours. It’s a complete listing solution for those looking to expand their real estate photography business beyond photography and video.

  • Rapidly add measurements, floor plans, and virtual tours to your list of services.
  • Improve delivery of your photos and videos by including them in the iGUIDE.
  • No subscription fees.
  • Download and control your data.
  • Insert 360° content from almost any device into the iGUIDE to get more mileage out of your existing devices.
  • Trust iGUIDE customer service to exceed expectations and provide rock solid support.
  • Offer tiered packages for all levels of business.

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