From job loss to success: Todd Wasylyshyn’s journey with iGUIDE

When the pandemic struck in March 2020, Todd Wasylyshyn was laid off from his six-figure job in Vancouver. That was it; everything he knew changed in a single decision over which he had no influence. 

It was a change that he didn’t see coming. He had to pivot and fast. Todd decided to double down and build a career from his life-long hobby. 

After immersing himself in learning how to shoot buildings inside and out, Wasylyshyn started a real estate photography business and built a website. 

Nanaimo Photography was getting some traction, and Todd liked his new life. No more commuting from his home in Nanaimo to Vancouver. When his old employers called Todd to return to work, he refused. There was no looking back.

Initial challenge

Todd maintained a busy calendar with regular bookings but soon discovered that real estate photographers need more than just photos to succeed. He reached out to his network for advice. When someone recommended the iGUIDE camera system, he reached out to learn more.  

Todd’s camera arrived earlier than expected, so he wasn’t quite ready when a client called asking if he provided 3D tours. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, he accepted the project, even though he had never used the iGUIDE camera system before. 

He spent the weekend going through the iGUIDE onboarding process and watching online tutorials to ensure he knew what to do when he showed up on-site for the paid project on Monday afternoon. 

Even though Todd is a professional photographer, he was still tentative about his first virtual tour project. He was “blown away” when using his iGUIDE camera system for the first time. “It was such a quick start to get going,” Todd says. 

About integrating iGUIDE into his business, Todd continued: “I earn a lot more revenue on every visit. So, it’s really increased my average ticket.” 

By adding one new tool to his photography toolbelt, Todd could elevate his business and his income. Here’s the story of how he did it:

Discovering a solution

One of the biggest benefits that Todd has noticed since adding iGUIDE to his toolbelt is his ability to offer packages to clients. Very rarely does he accept photo-only projects. Instead, almost all his projects have the added value (and revenue) of room dimensions, detailed measurements and square-footage calculations within the iGUIDE  3D virtual tour and, floor plan. 

“I do photos and iGUIDE 3D tour with floor plan for almost every single listing I do. So, it gives me more revenue,” Todd says. As a one-person business, adding additional revenue to almost every project makes a big difference to Todd’s bottom line.

Seeing benefits and results

iGUIDE Analytics

Todd takes full advantage of the iGUIDE Analytics reports available to share with real estate agents. He says, “I automatically subscribe [the realtor] to analytics reports; they get them and appreciate that they’re seeing it. Many of my clients use the analytics reports to show their clients, the sellers.” 

He goes on: “[They get to see if] there’s activity on their home, and so if they have a lot of activity and no offers, they can say look, we’re getting this many viewings of your property so we might need to adjust something about the home or something about the price.”

Paid for itself

Yes, the iGUIDE camera system is an investment, but it’s not meant to cripple your business with the cost. Todd’s experience: he covered the cost in a matter of weeks. 

“I made enough revenue to cover that in the first 10 weeks or something, it was crazy how quickly it paid for itself, and it’s continued to generate a good degree of profit for me every single month since.”


Todd credits his addition of iGUIDE to the growth and revenue of his business. He says: 

“As soon as I announced I was offering 3D tours and floor plans, all of the people I had been trying to get to hire me for photographs suddenly became much more interested in me,” said Todd. 

Are you ready to add another revenue stream to your photography business? Consider iGUIDE. With its affordable price, quick learning curve and amazing customer support, you’ll love the growth you’ll experience with iGUIDE. 

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