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If you have been thinking of ways to increase awareness and capture more real estate leads in Canada, iGUIDE is essential.

With thousands of agents competing for the attention of buyers and sellers, you can stand out by showing why you are the Realtor of choice. Your professionalism and experience are key to guiding the consumer on their real estate journey and the best way to prove your worth is by showcasing accurate and inviting property information. An iGUIDE can do exactly that.
The benefits of using an iGUIDE range from lead capture to fostering professionalism in your industry. A real estate agent’s professional reputation relies on the perception of the public and you can make yourself shine by using state-of-the-art proptech tools as part of your real estate marketing plan.

Knowing how to increase referral traffic can be challenging. Word of mouth referrals help solidify your reputation, a great website showcases your listings, and social media channels keep your brand in front of the consumer. So with all these ways to promote your services what can an iGUIDE do for you?

Prove your worth

Real estate commissions are always being talked about. What are you giving the consumer for the fees you charge? With an iGUIDE, you can prove your worth by providing accurate information, easy-to-navigate 3D tours and floor plans, and reliable square footage of every listing.

An iGUIDE is the proof that you are working for the seller to get their home sold quickly and with the least amount of hassle or disruption. Analytics offer insight into every online property visit so you can zero in on the statistics that assist you in capturing qualified real estate leads in Canada.

According to a recent NAR report, the seller is paying your remuneration fee more than 70% of the time so it is essential that your real estate marketing plan includes quality presentations for every listing and sharing the statistical data with the seller. Seeing is believing when you show the number of visitors, return visitors, and how much time each potential buyer is spending browsing the home through an iGUIDE.

Show professionalism

Being a real estate agent is more than writing a test to qualify for a license. You must demonstrate professionalism at every step of the buyer’s and seller’s journey. Assisting the consumer with one of the biggest purchases in their life requires an element of trust.

An iGUIDE helps you build your brand awareness while fostering professionalism in the eyes of the consumer. Consistent listing information across all your marketing channels from your website to social media platforms is possible with iGUIDE’s immersive 3D tours, professional real estate photography, and accurate floor plans.

When you want to know how to increase referral traffic in one of the biggest industries in the world, you start by providing the home buyer with easy ways to connect and build confidence in you, the Realtor. NAR’s generational report of 2021 reveals that your reputation is the number one reason the consumer chooses you to represent them. You are a professional and your real estate marketing tools increase awareness of your listings, brand, and proficiencies.

More referrals and farther reach

Proptech tools allow you to extend your business reach farther than ever before. When you have satisfied the seller with a quick sale by using an iGUIDE in your real estate marketing, you can expect a referral in the future. There is nothing a real estate agent needs more than referrals from a happy consumer.

Extending your reach beyond the typical area you “farm” for business is possible when using iGUIDE to capture the attention of buyers in remote locations or around the world. It is a small world when you provide easy online access to property listings from anywhere. How can you go even farther to achieve more real estate leads in Canada?

Allow potential home buyers to take your accurately measured floor plans and use them for remotely planning and measuring the space of their new home. Advanced measurements give the consumer the ability to reach inside the spaces of every room to find the perfect fit for future renovations, furniture placement, or just stay longer admiring the fit and flow of the home. Capturing the attention of the buyer leads to more sales and a seller recommending your skills to friends and family.

Fringe benefits for everyone

It is clear that every home seller wants to complete the real estate transaction as efficiently and rapidly as possible and you can make the sale happen by showcasing every listing using iGUIDE’s cutting edge technology. If you have never thought about how to increase referral traffic using proptech, now is the time to add these tools to your real estate marketing ideas.

Beyond professional virtual tours, accurate measurements, and easily navigated floor plans are fringe benefits for everyone. Every extra detail helps you and your brand stay in the mind of the consumer. The gift of an interactive floor plan lets the seller reminisce about their residence months or years down the road.

Adding your brand identity to the iGUIDE also keeps you at the forefront of the seller’s thoughts for future transactions. According to NAR an overwhelming percentage of home buyers from all generations are buying previously owned homes. With iGUIDE’s proptech tools the ultimate perk is allowing multiple ways for the buyer to visualize the seller’s home as their own.

Getting to the top of your field requires a way to increase leads and get referrals. When you are serious about real estate, the benefits of using an iGUIDE give you an advantage in an extremely competitive profession.

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