Help Your Buyer Leads Move Forward

Home sales have been brisk throughout 2021. You are busy following up with your clients making sure to answer any questions that have arisen since their recent sale or purchase.

But what about the buyers who appeared to be ready to buy but nothing materialized? Your real estate buyer leads should be turning into clients. It’s time to get them on track to locking down a sale and putting them into a newly purchased home. Knowing the signs a buyer is ready to make a move can increase your lead conversion rate. The best thing you can do is stay in touch with your leads by supplying quality information about the current market, financing options, and decision-making stimulators like iGUIDE’s immersive 3D tours and floor plans.

Why were you ghosted by your buyer leads?

It’s not Halloween yet your buyer leads have turned into somewhat of a phantom leaving you to wonder where they went. If you forgot to contact some healthy leads because you have been burning the midnight oil with other buyers ready to sign now, you may have missed out on a few deals. Your real estate agent success rate is determined by communicating with your leads in a timely manner. Leverage your time when you are busy by hiring associates to maintain contact with potential clients.

Your assistants can keep a watchful eye on buyer leads and send follow-up information, virtual tours, and answer questions promptly. Another way to leverage your time is to hire professional real estate photographers to take care of capturing great photos and getting accurate floor plan measurements so you can free up the time to stay in touch with your leads.

The right time to follow up with your archived list of leads

Timing is everything when it comes to real estate buyer leads. If you contact a potential lead repeatedly, you may be annoying the consumer, offering information too little and too late, could lose you a sale. Providing information periodically to your archived leads like current market updates keeps the lines of communication open.

One of the first indicators of readiness to buy is engagement. When someone responds to your social posts, emails, or contacts you directly about revisiting their “must-haves” for a property, suddenly they become active leads. The next step is delving into some interactive virtual tours where your buyer lead can visualize their personal belongings in the fit and flow of the floor plan for their potential new home.

Check for the signs your buyer leads are ready to move

Things to mark off your checklist to qualify buyers include pre-qualification for financing, expanding family with the desire for more space, job promotions, retirement, and a solid idea of timing to take possession of their new home. Ask and don’t be afraid of the answers. It’s your job to find out the answers to all the difficult questions like, is the buyer financially qualified for a mortgage, how much money is available for a down payment, and the budget for their new home purchase. Signs that can improve your real estate agent success rate all point in the direction of buyer readiness for the entire process. If they have been looking at homes for months and months without getting all their ducks in order, it may be a sign they are not ready.

Touchpoints – what, when, how

Most of your real estate buyer leads can be reached through various touchpoints. Starting gently to prevent overwhelming your leads with a borage of spam that could make you appear desperate. Use email campaigns to inform about new listings with links to your online virtual tours and website. Interesting facts about the current market, new developments, and trending proptech are ideal ways to promote your brand through social media and to engage with your leads on their social channels. Don’t forget to include Linkedin® along with your other social media to reach out to professionals connecting through your digital advertising. The right time to follow up is when your touchpoints point you in the direction of engagement.

Use technology to connect and stimulate the desire for a new home

Motivation to purchase a new home is as simple as driving engagement through the use of desired technology. Current proptech including interactive 3d tours, accurately measured floor plans, and virtual showings give you the ability to open the lines of communication and encourage a buyer’s interaction with properties of interest to help them make faster decisions. The goal is to help the buyer form an emotional attachment that in turn will drive your real estate agent success rate upwards. Buyers want and need to form an affection for their new home and you can make it happen quickly with iGUIDE’s® cutting-edge technology.

Red flags – no deals

How do you know when your real estate buyer leads are headed down the wrong path? Some red flags include weekend tire kickers who always find something wrong with every property you present either through virtual showings or physical viewing. When a buyer has been on the prowl for a new house for a lengthy period or is vague about the details they want in a floor plan, it may be a sign they are not ready to buy yet. Knowing the full story and the motivation behind the search for a new home will give you clues of whether or not a deal is forthcoming.

Letting go of a buyer lead

Letting go is hard to do. If you have been a real estate professional for several years, you know that some of the best clients take substantially more time than you had hoped. Your real estate agent success rate is reliant on repetition. Engage, inform, contact, connect, sell, and repeat. The only way you let go of a buyer lead is after you have exhausted all methods of communication and fulfilled your fiduciary duties to the consumer. You are the master of the sale, the closer. However, if after months of continual engagement, offering virtual showings, 3D tours, and still no written offers, it may be time to gently let that lead slip back into your history file. 

Turning your real estate buyer leads into customers requires good use of timing, engagement, and technology. Help the decision-making process by keeping the communication flowing and giving them the proptech tools to connect now.


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