The iGUIDE has so many advantages that some of the simple ones often get lost in the shuffle. Here is my top 5 list of iGUIDE advantages that often get overlooked.

iGUIDE advantage #5. There is a Compass!

iGUIDE has the compass feature that shows the property’s relation to true north. This can tell you which rooms get the most sunlight. Compass readings are taken on-site by the iGUIDE camera system and are automatically used to determine the angle.

iGUIDE advantage #4. There are PDF floor plans available on the details tab

With iGUIDE you can access PDF floor plans by clicking on the details tab. These can be downloaded, printed, or used for web design.

iGUIDE advantage #3. You can minimize the floor plan

While navigating, you can shrink the floor plan by clicking on the minimize icon. This will maximize the visuals and give a more immersive iGUIDE experience.

iGUIDE advantage #2. Room dimensions

Click on the Details tab to see all of the major room dimensions in feet or meters.  Room dimensions are a great way to quickly understand a space relative to the one you already know.

iGUIDE advantage #1. The measuring tool

The ruler button allows you to measure between any two points on the floor plan. This is extremely useful for space planning. Measure for furniture, blinds, or anything else that would normally require you to go to the house with a tape measure. This is also safer than having multiple visits to a property.

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If you want more training then check out our iGUIDE Resource page.