How quick and efficient documentation leads to more business for insurance & restoration professionals

Identification provides information. How you identify individual restoration projects can realize efficiency improvement and workflow optimization.

Virtual Walkthrough technology is invaluable when working towards insurance claims resolution. It provides clear and concise imaging of vital assets in a chosen environment. But beyond capturing the physical space, there is a quick and easy way to identify specifics within the area. The Digital Tag. iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging allows for fast and accurate documentation to speed up the claims process.

The documentation process in the insurance and restoration industry can be a daunting task. Fire and flood claims need quick turnaround times and comprehensive assessments to provide the most accurate repair and replacement costs. Your business growth and revenue increases are affected by the speed at which information is gathered and shared. The goal is to work towards a claims resolution and communicate clearly with every stakeholder.

iGUIDE Digital Tags for fast and accurate documentation

Think of Tagging like an editable Post-it note. Once a 3D Virtual Walkthrough is complete, you can assign a Digital Tag to identify the problem. Furthermore, with iGUIDE’s new Real Time Tagging feature, you can now add tags instantaneously as you are capturing your Virtual Walkthrough.

Categorize tags according to industry sub-trades, vital assets, and specific issues such as:

  • Electrical Plumbing
  • Moisture readings
  • HVAC
  • Fixtures and chattel

Valuable information can be included in each Tag. Things such as temperature readings, high voltage wiring, and notes on moveable objects make it easier for stakeholders to understand the damage. When you document the damage quickly, it provides a reference point to everyone involved. Images, video clips, and titles added to a Tag speed up the claims process. Pictures are worth a thousand words and when combined with color-coded tags, the whole story comes to life.

Communicate quickly to stay within your budget

Improvements and innovation in the insurance and restoration industries make speeding up the claims process easy. With the advancement of technology, you can now quickly communicate accurate floor plan measurements, the scope of loss, and valuable details of each space. iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging feature benefits include efficiency improvement and shareable access to the entire Virtual Walkthrough. Requests for information from stakeholders can be shared while on site, which means they get the information faster and in turn, avoid costly delays. Restoration assessments and appraisals done quickly and accurately keep everything within your budget.

Access and efficiency improvement translates to improved revenue

Details are crucial. Reduce mistakes and misrepresentations by sharing the entire project from the 3D virtual rendering. When everyone has access to the same files, it enables contractors to make faster, more accurate decisions. The iGUIDE Virtual Walkthrough is a shareable resource that allows you to Tag specifics while assessing the damage. There are various ways to communicate information and speed up the restoration process.

  • Titles and text – Add a simple title to highlight a key feature or add text explanations. This adds context to the space.
  • Images – Add an image to show features in greater detail.
  • Videos – Attach a video to a location to make the Walkthrough more engaging and create a more guided experience.
  • Links – Add links to any website or any location in the Walkthrough. Enhance navigation by connecting spaces as you see fit

When you cut down on cost overruns, due to undocumented guesswork, the results are efficiency improvement, business growth, and revenue increase.

The need for speed

Slow and steady may win the race between a hare and a tortoise but in the insurance and restoration business, you need to provide fast and accurate documentation to speed up the claims process. The quickest way to settle a claim is to align with the adjusters and stakeholders in the least amount of time. Time spent traveling back and forth increases costs and can cause delays in the entire process. Implementing Real Time Tagging eliminates the need for repeat visits to the site. Everyone involved can be on the same page, literally and figuratively, from anywhere there is access to the file. Digital Tags lead to a quick turnaround time, showcase your professionalism, and improve workflow optimization. Thankfully, hand-drawn sketches with illegible side notes are a thing of the past.

Revenue increases

The role of technology in the insurance and restoration industry is to provide the tools for speeding up the claims process. Accurate documentation helps answer questions about measurements and the scope of damage while providing an undisputable source of truth. iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging feature can help by providing important details about every space. Business growth happens when you give a reason for insurance adjusters to use your services. The faster a claim is settled, the quicker everyone gets paid. Insurance companies save money by saving time. Referrals for a job well done translate into revenue increases for you.

Insurance restoration claims are big business. Annual losses due to fires, floods, and natural disasters number in the millions of dollars. There are plenty of business growth opportunities. When you are looking for a way to provide quick and efficient documentation, IGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging is it.


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