Are you wondering what the process looks like?  Here’s how it works:


You Capture

Capture panoramic images and measurement data at the same time.

Step 1 – You capture the data

Your first step is to use the IMS-5 Camera System to quickly gather measurement data and 360 degree panoramas.  This usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the average home.


You Edit

Change white balance, saturation, and exposure on your home computer.

Step 2 – You edit the data

When you have completed the shoot you will have the opportunity to edit the images.  Control white balance, exposure, and saturation.  You can even use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to edit the images if you desire to.


We Draft

Submit the data to us and it will be professionally drafted, and hosted.

Step 3 – We draft the floor plans and host the 3D tour

Once the data has been sent to us the floorplans will be professionally drafted and the tour will be created using your panoramas and measurements. You can also add still pictures and video to the tour if you have them available.


We Deliver

The iGUIDE will be sent to you or your client in a report.

Step 4 – We deliver the iGUIDE®

When drafting is complete you will be notified and the iGUIDE can be sent to yourself or directly to your client in the form of a report. The iGUIDE can then be shared on social media, MLS, or embedded on a website.

Manage your iGUIDE® using the iGUIDE® Portal

The iGUIDE Portal is the gateway to the iGUIDE Cloud. You use it to send the data to Planitar for processing and creating your iGUIDE. Training and support videos, software updates and documentation are at your finger tips in the iGUIDE Portal. A wide selection of iGUIDE management tools are available.

You can invite your clients to collaborate with you and give them the ability to further customize the iGUIDE. You can host an unlimited number of iGUIDEs. There is no membership fee – you only pay on a per iGUIDE basis.

Do you have any questions?

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