Recommended Accessories for iGUIDE PLANIX

Have you been considering buying an extra battery to use as a backup? Or maybe you lost your power supply and need a replacement? Look no further because we have compiled a list of all the greatest accessories you can get for you iGUIDE PLANIX. All of these accessories are sold by third parties and clicking any of the links below will take you to their website.

Replacement power supply

The replacement power supply has a straight plug, as the power supply with the angled plug that is included with iGUIDE PLANIX is a custom configuration made on special order. With the straight plug,  iGUIDE PLANIX can only be charged when on its side. An additional angled adapter will allow charging in the upright position.

Power plugs for system power supply

iGUIDE PLANIX ships with a power plug suited for North America. If you live in another country that uses a different plug, you may consider the following options. They are designed to replace the North American plug on the included power supply.

Spare battery

The continuous runtime for iGUIDE PLANIX is over 7 hours on a fully charged battery. Projects where runtime exceeds 7 hours may benefit from having an extra battery to avoid a downtime for charging.

Desktop charger for spare batteries

The system battery installed in iGUIDE PLANIX can be charged using the built-in charger. If you need to charge spare batteries and do not want to put them inside the system for charging, a standalone smart desktop charger can be used.


It is recommended to use PLANIX with a QR (quick-release) plate and a ball head to allow for easy leveling on a tripod.

QR Plate Assembly

Arca Swiss type QR plates with a release screw are recommended over QR plates with a release lever due to possible interference of the lever with the feet.


Lighting is not required to use any iGUIDE camera system. However, it can be useful to add light in challenging conditions.