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iGUIDE was designed to quickly and easily produce floor plans and virtual tours. It’s a complete virtual solution for those looking to expand their real estate photography business beyond photography and video.

Speed of Capture

With iGUIDE, shooting a property is so simple. The patented camera system IMS-5 allows you to capture floor plans and a 3D virtual tour along with your other services in the same appointment without significantly increasing the amount of time spent at each property.

Measurements & Floor Plans

Every iGUIDE comes with room dimensions, total floor area and professional floor plans drafted by our drafting team. You can publish and share with confidence, resting easy knowing that our team has you covered.

The iGUIDE® camera system by Planitar features a 360° camera combined with a time-of-flight 2D laser scanner with a long range. The combined 360° imagery and 2D laser point cloud data is processed through the iGUIDE platform to produce a 3D tour with floor plans, property measurements and more.

Due to the long range of the lidar, the iGUIDE camera needs fewer camera positions to collect the necessary data and its onsite capture speed is about the same as with 360° cameras while at the same time providing much more accurate measurement data for constructing floor plans. A 3000 sq ft home can be captured in 15 minutes.

Ready to elevate your photography business?
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Access to property information benefits everyone. Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results. iGUIDE 3D tours include accurate floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more to make this happen.

More Samples

1805 This Way Home Drive

1305 Frying Pan Road

1505 Sesame Street

The Fram Museum

The iGUIDE camera system captures
lidar point cloud data and 360-degree images

At iGUIDE, we know the importance of accurate floor plans and the value they have on a listing. Floor plans provide an understanding of how a space will work. They quickly convey how the home flows, showing room sizes, which way doors swing, and storage space. Viewers gain an appreciation of where windows are and how the light will brighten a home that may not be immediately apparent from just still photos or a video.

residential floor plan

Every iGUIDE comes with floor plans in both online and printable formats (JPG, DXF, PDF, and SVG) to drive engagement and increase shareability.

In today’s competitive market, property listings need to continually stand out from the rest; and showcasing professional and detailed floor plans can make all the difference.

Our floor plans do more! Measure in 3D space!

iGUIDE 3D Tour Advanced Measurements

Sometimes you can’t get back to a space to take those crucial measurements. That’s why we created the Measurement Tool and Advanced Measurements for enhanced functionality within the floor plans.

These features allow you to go directly into the floor plan or 3D tour and measure the space.

iGUIDE® Analytics provides valuable call-to-action insights focused on where your listing is getting the most traffic and by whom. Leverage these to help you make strategic decisions. We focus on providing you with the information you need; so that you can focus on closing the deal.

iGuide - traffic


Get a breakdown as to which sites
generate the most traffic for your listing

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Understand your visits; whether
they’re first-time or returning users

iGuide - Clock

Browsing Time

Uncover how long people are browsing at your listing details to target your content placement more effectively

iGuide - Computer analytics

Our iGUIDE® Report is what you receive once your iGUIDE is ready. It includes 3D tour links, professional images, property details, and easy-to-embed code. In it you will find all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list your property.

iGuide - Send


Report available within 24
hours; next business day

iGuide - Download


Download all images, floorplans,
and 3D tour directly onto
your computer

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Share your listing on social
media with our ready-to-post

iGuide - Report

Ready to elevate your photography business?
Click here to learn more about the iGUIDE camera system now!


The iGUIDE PLANIX camera is unique.  Unlike a conventional camera system, it measures and photographs a space — at the same time. This reduces time spent in each space as you quickly capture information for a virtual tour and floor plans. Its robust design was created with professional level workflows in mind for consistent operation. See an example tour shot with this camera

Quick Specs

Battery Life 7 Hours
Scan Time 5-18 Seconds
Lidar Range 40m (approx. 131.2′)
Exposure/Color/HDR Automatic
Image Stitching Automatic
Data Alignment Automatic


PLANIX Core does not include a Ricoh THETA Z1. It is meant for those who already have one and would like to use it. Detailed installation instructions will be provided.
Marshall W.
iGuide for the win Fabulous ☺I was a very early Adopter of a competitors product. After realizing that the customer service was terrible I sold that product. Soon after I found iGuide and took the plunge. I haven't looked back and I believe I have the best 3-D tours on my MLS. The ease of use is good but what really set says company part is their continual updates and education. ☹Not much. Quite honestly every time I use the camera I'm surprised by how intuitive the software is. They are also rolling out updates on a regular basis that have made the camera and software incredibly easy to use
Fred P.
It improved my overall sales My experience overall has been great. At this point in time, I know I made the right decision compared to the well-known competitor. ☺It measures very accurately. The resolution of the final product (360 virtual tour) is great and looks natural. It provides a finished floor plan as part of the tour. No hosting fees. It is well supported. Tech support and admin are very easy to work with and informative. Overall it saves a good amount of time in creating a virtual tour vs. older methods. The processing value for what is paid is very high. ☹Coming up to speed at first. It required a decent learning curve. The cost of the hardware was very expensive at the time I had purchased compared to today's pricing.
Paul M.
Visually, iGuide Makes More Sense for Potential Home Buyers Adding iGuide Virtual Tours has helped my Realtor clients sell more properties, save more time by showing fewer properties that fit home buyer's needs that they are excited to see, and separate themselves from their competition when doing listing presentations. This experience helps my Realtor clients feel like I am part of their team and I feel good that I can provide a service that will enhance their business, their family life, and their personal goals. I know I am making a difference in people's lives by offering iGuide Virtual Tours. ☺As a full-time photographer and former Realtor. iGuide Virtual Tours make more sense visually. By putting myself in the shoes of a home buyer when I was researching a virtual tour platform. Helps me help my clients sell more properties, save time for Realtors and Home Buyers. Because of the ability to have a home buyer able to see where they are in the home with the interactive floor plan directly to the left of the 360 virtual tours all in one panel. This is one of the most important features which makes iGuide far more superior to any other virtual tour product. ☹The only con is that I took too long to add this to my camera bag.
Kevin B.
iGUIDE Camera and Software I chose iGUIDE after a thorough review of other systems. Finally, my decision came down to iGUIDE or Matterport. The iGUIDE was a hands-down winner both because of the hardware use and also the business model. I have been delighted with the decision. ☺The system is intuitive and simple to use. ☹Nothing. The software is simple and intuitive to use.
Lew C.
Love the Camera Support is very helpful and will gleefully help you get through the learning curve. ☺When I added iGuide to my list of services, I was selected by a local builder's and remodeler's association to do 3D virtual tours of newly built homes for their clients. I also found that you can take stills with the camera as well as pull off stills from the panoramas. Overall, once I got over the learning curve, I found the camera and software easy to use, and the customers loved the results. ☹Cons: It's pricey, but worth the investment if you're serious about the real estate photography business.
Peter M.
Excellent product supported by excellent staff Simply wonderful! If every vendor was like these folks it would be a wonderful world. ☺I was nervous when I purchased iGuide. I'd never done a virtual tour and my only experience with pano was trying to use a nodal and then manually stitching images. It was not an easy task. The iGuide support team was incredibly supportive as I went through the learning curve. They keep coming out with new features and the give weekly support classes and calls. It has been a terrific experience. The turnaround on projects is also incredible. I can submit a project when I get home and often I'll have a finished project in my inbox, ready to present to my clients. Recently I got to present iGuide to an open house to over 50 Realtors. I did a lot of 1:1 and 2:1 presentations (over a four hour event) Without exception all the realtors were amazed at the quality of images, compared to the other comparable vendors that they had historically used. One comment I heard repeatedly was: "your iGuide images don't make me dizzy or sick. The other virtual tours I've seen can make me feel dizzy and sick!" I've got to train some others to use this for me and the learning curve is incredibly short. It's truly fun to use. ☹Anything that I'd want to add has either been added or is close to being added. It's a constantly evolving technology and they are doing a great job staying on top of this technology.
Tamara Y.
Easy to learn and use iGUIDE is one of the best marketing products I have bought in the past couple years. The staff at iGUIDE are extremely responsive to questions and the weekly webinars are a great way to learn. The turnaround time for the reports is impressive. ☺The iGUIDE is extremely easy to navigate, learn and use. Updating firmware on the camera is effortless too. ☹Learning Stitch took a bit of time to get comfortable with it, but I know that there is much more available on that program that I haven't used yet.
Tin H.
Great Virtual Tour provider My overall experience has been very positive with IGUIDE. The ease of use and the customer support have been fantastic. ☺I like how fast it is to scan a property with the IGUIDE IMS-5 camera! ☹The smoothness of the Virtual Tour is behind of Matterport.
Kathy M.
iGUIDE review I enjoy using the iGUIDE system. The webinars and support are great. ☺The camera and software are easy to use, and the turn around time is great!! ☹The software is great. I have no issues
Steve W.
iGuide is an outstanding tool for creating and hosting 3D Virtual Tours! In my over 40 years of professional experience I've never worked with a company that provided better support and customer service than Planitar (iGuide) ☺Ease of Use, Speed of capture, accuracy of measurements and outstanding support and customer service. ☹Nothing comes to mind, I truly feel it's the best solution out there for creating Virtual Tours. I guess it would be nice if it was totally free, but that's a little unrealistic ;-)

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