iGUIDE – More than just a Matterport alternative

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Heard of iGUIDE?  It’s more than just a Matterport alternative.

iGUIDE technology is so unique, it shouldn’t even be considered competition.

We make it fast and easy for you to measure and visually capture a space. With iGUIDE, you get data and details you can be confident in. We put you in the driver’s seat and give you complete control over the final product and to round it out there are no hidden fees. iGUIDE is the preferred and complete solution for you and your customers.

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Speed of Capture

With iGUIDE, shooting a property is so simple. The patented iGUIDE camera system allows you to capture floor plans and a 3D virtual tour along with your other services in the same appointment without significantly increasing the amount of time spent at each property. Capture 3,000 SF in 15 minutes, 3-5x quicker to capture than with a Matterport camera.

iGuide flooSpeeding train to show the speed of shooting a property with iGuide as a Matterport Alternativer plans as a Matterport alternative
iGuide floor plans as a Matterport alternative

Measurements & Floor Plans

Every iGUIDE comes with room dimensions, total floor area and professional floor plans drafted by our expert drafting professionals. You can publish and share with confidence, resting easy knowing that our team has you covered.

Visual Presentation

Never get lost, confused or disoriented in a property again. Every iGUIDE is delivered with an interactive floor plan and 360 degree panoramic visuals, giving the user full control over their experience while exploring every corner of the property. Navigation is better with an integrated floor plan because you know where you are at all times. Why walk through space like in a real life, if you can teleport instantaneously to where you want to be like in a dream?

iGuide floor plans are easier to navigate and an excellent Matterport Alternative.
iGUIDE is priced per project, based on square feet. There are no subscriptions, which is a great alternative to Matterport's subscription service

No Subscription

No monthly fee means you are not tied down to an additional fixed cost for your business every month. Pay as you go with iGUIDE and enjoy hosting services included in the processing fee. We provide a link for you to keep a secure, downloadable copy of all of the assets that can also be self-hosted at no extra cost.

Image Control

With iGUIDE, you run the show. You have complete control over your 3D tour experience, including the files. The panoramas are completely editable. With one click, make skies blue, edit out personal photos on the wall, or the patch-work that wasn’t completely finished for the booked appointment.

Easily edit an iGuide floor Plan, significantly less complicated and a great Matterport Alternative
Easily share iGuide information and back it up, a simple process and a great Matterport Alternative.

Content Delivery System

Sent directly to your email the next business day, the iGUIDE Report gives you everything you need in one convenient place. Virtual tour links (branded and unbranded), downloadable image galleries, room dimensions, total floor areas, PDF floor plans, social media sharing, feature sheet creator and an embed code generator are just some of the features included in your iGUIDE Report.


With our time-of-flight lidar laser, the measurement uncertainty remains constant throughout the entire scan. With Matterport, the measurement uncertainty grows with distance, so you’ll get a less accurate number if you’re 15 feet away than if you’re 5 feet away. On a floor plan, iGUIDE measurement uncertainty in distance measurement is 0.5% or better and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage is close to 1% or better. The PLANIX system measures distances to walls out to approximately 130 feet typically with a 1cm uncertainty.

iGuide is extremely accurate for your projects, and a reliable Matterport Alternative

Matterport Comparison Chart

The iGuide camera (pictured) is a great Matterport Alternative Matterport Camera

Time to Capture

(3,000 sq. ft. property)

15 min 105 min
Storage 16 GB
On Device
Smart Device Requirement & Software Compatibility Phone or tablet (iOS & Android) Smart Device  (w/ min 128GB)
Floor Plan Processing Time 24 hours 24 – 48 hours
Hard Carry Case Included $200 Hard Shell Case
Floor Plans Delivery
3D Tour Delivery
No Subscription Fees
Removable Battery
Unlimited Tour Storage
Downloadable Tour / Offline / Self Hosting Available
Editable Images (Able to import into Lightroom/Photoshop)
Superior Measurement Accuracy
Method of Measurement Provided
Complete Content Delivery Solution (Share and download property photos)
Shareable Analytics
Photo Integration
Video Integration