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When emergencies strike, your clients count on you to quickly handle their claims. Avoid delays and simplify your workflow with iGUIDE Instant Sketch*. 

This innovative tool automates floor plan sketch creation and integrates with Verisk Xactimate software within minutes.

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Minimize the possibility of incorrect information

Insurance claims and restoration cases can be delayed based on evidence reliability and information accuracy. With iGUIDE technology, distance measurement uncertainty on a floor plan is 0.5% or better, and square footage uncertainty is 1% or better, giving you peace of mind when completing a claim.

Capture 3,000 sq ft in 15 minutes

Reduce human error with 1000s of measurements per scan

Floor plan sketch in Xactimate within minutes¹

Keep clients safe with secure file handling and blurring tools

¹Add up to 24 hours for delivery times of enhanced ESX products.

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Flexible solutions to fit your business

Find the option that fits your delivery schedule and specific needs.

Instant Sketch²

When you need to react quickly, an ESX file is delivered in minutes via Verisk Xactimate.

  • Site documentation
  • Lidar laser-accurate measurements
  • Virtual walkthrough

Begin the claim before you leave the property.

Standard iGUIDE: ESX

Capture structural property damage. A comprehensive ESX file is delivered within 24 hours.³

  • Multi-floor capture
  • Detailed annotations and tagging
  • Structural features include walls, windows, doors and stairs

A complete documentation solution for more in-depth assessments.

Premium iGUIDE: ESX

Captures structural and asset damage. A detailed ESX file is delivered within 24 hours.³

All features are included in the standard ESX file, cabinet components and complex ceilings.

Comprehensive documentation of properties impacted by floods, water damage and limited fire damage.

If you request an Instant Sketch but require additional detail, upgrade to iGUIDE Standard or Premium at any time.

²iGUIDE Instant Sketch is currently in BETA. The machine-generated sketch quality relies on the input data the camera operator provides. Although iGUIDE and Verisk aim for typical file delivery in Xactimate within minutes, this timeframe may vary depending on load factors, such as after a catastrophic loss event. iGUIDE Instant Sketch is limited to properties no greater than 5,000 sq ft and projects with no more than 75 scans.

³ESX files are delivered within one business day, excluding holidays and outside office hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).

Interactive floor plans as easy as 1-2-3

  • Capture

    Connect your iGUIDE PLANIX Camera to your smart device, create a new project and start scanning the property.

  • Processing

    Select iGUIDE Instant Sketch to automatically create floor plan drawings and translate those sketches directly into Xactimate.

    Upgrade base sketches to iGUIDE Standard or Premium ESX for additional features.⁴

    ⁴Add up to 24 hours for delivery times of enhanced ESX products.

  • Utilize

    Your desk adjusters save valuable time producing accurate and reliable estimates, streamlining the workflow to close claims faster.

Experience the power
of iGUIDE for yourself

Thorough, on-site, documentation

iGUIDE’s Real-Time Tagging feature revolutionizes workflows and expedites processes by enabling on-site photo and description additions. Say goodbye to wasting time during post-processing and effortlessly document areas of interest while on-site. Seamlessly connect the virtual environment with images and descriptions in real time to ensure no detail is missed.

Trusted by industry professionals

    10 adjusters and 9 of them don’t know how to frame a shot. If you let us take an iGUIDE virtual tour, then you’ll have a million still images. iGUIDE technology has given Deft a huge competitive advantage. Simply seeing how much value it’s brought to deft, we fell in love with it!

    Jeremiah Kiefer
    Founder & CEO
    The Deft Group

    They [iGUIDE] are great and the Xactimate ESX file is incredible. The amount of time saved on return trips to measure is huge savings. The camera will pay for itself. To be able to have a full sketch 24 hours later is great.

    Chris A. Howell
    Smoky Mountain Inspection Services, Inc.

    I was introduced to iGUIDE by a restoration contractor. The value is to me for measurements, photo documentation and post-inspection estimate preparation. It’s great to share with team members.

    David Franks
    Independent Adjuster
    Capstone Claims Corporation

    This product amazes me every time I use it. It works so flawlessly and it's such a joy to have and use for my work. I shot a 53,000 sq ft office space and although it took a while, it was so easy and took little effort on my part aside from moving around the 5-story building.

    Roger Thorpe
    Fire Investigator
    Joseph Myers Investigations LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

iGUIDE for insurance is a property assessment tool that provides insurers with detailed information about a property's structure, dimensions, and condition. With the option to request ESX files and direct integration with Xactimate, it helps insurers reduce the time and costs associated with processing a claim. It is a key tool in helping accurately assess the replacement cost and potential risks associated with a damaged property.

iGUIDE provides insurance adjusters with comprehensive property data, including floor plans, measurements, and high-resolution photos. This information helps streamline the claims process, improving the accuracy of documentation and reducing processing time.

The key advantages of using iGUIDE for insurance include accurate property data for underwriting, streamlined risk assessment, improved claims handling efficiency, and enhanced customer service through better-informed policy decisions.

Yes, iGUIDE plays a crucial role in risk assessment for insurance. By providing detailed property information, iGUIDE enables insurers to identify potential risks associated with the property, such as building materials, structure integrity, and safety features.

iGUIDE files integrate with various insurance software and platforms, allowing insurers to incorporate property data directly into their underwriting and claims processing systems. This integration enhances operational efficiency and data management for insurance companies.

iGUIDE can assess various types of properties, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and rental properties. Whether it's a single-family home or a multi-unit commercial property, iGUIDE can provide valuable insights for insurance purposes.

iGUIDE pricing is determined based on the square footage of the property being scanned. The larger the property, the higher the cost. Additional services, such as an ESX file affect the overall price. Get detailed pricing and estimate the cost of your project here.

It should occur within minutes although property size may impact the processing time.

There is a size limit of 5,000 ft² and a scan limit of 75 scans.

Yes, you can request an upgrade at any time to a Standard or Premium iGUIDE with an ESX Add-on. Standard and Premium ESX files have more detail <> than Instant Sketch.

iGUIDE data can be accessed through the secure iGUIDE online portal.

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