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Our iGUIDE Report, sent via email, offers many essential features and tools tailored for property viewing, management and marketing. With convenient links, downloadable resources and comprehensive property details such as room measurements and floor area information, sharing property information with partners, vendors and clients becomes effortless.

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2002 Summey Ave, Charlotte, NC
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Please check your MLS policy for using branded vs. unbranded virtual tours.

Virtual Tour Link

Branded: https://youriguide.com/2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc/
Unbranded: https://unbranded.youriguide.com/2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc/

Floor Plans

PDF (feet): https://youriguide.com/2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc/doc/floorplan_imperial.pdf
PDF (meters): https://youriguide.com/2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc/doc/floorplan_metric.pdf


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Feature Sheet Creator: https://manage.youriguide.com/feature_sheet/?g=2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc
Embedding Tool: https://manage.youriguide.com/embed/2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc/
Create Virtual Showing: https://show.youriguide.com/create?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyouriguide.com%2F2002_summey_ave_charlotte_nc%2F

Property Details

Room Measurements

Main Building


Bath: 14'7" x 12'5" (14.6' x 12.4') | 180 sq ft
Bath: 3'1" x 8'1" (3.1' x 8.1') | 25 sq ft
Dining: 14' x 12'1" (14' x 12.1') | 169 sq ft
Kitchen: 18'11" x 16'4" (18.9' x 16.3') | 309 sq ft
Living: 22'8" x 15' (22.6' x 15') | 340 sq ft
Primary: 15'4" x 16'4" (15.4' x 16.3') | 251 sq ft


Bath: 6'8" x 9'5" (6.7' x 9.4') | 63 sq ft
Bedroom: 13'8" x 12'6" (13.7' x 12.5') | 171 sq ft
Bedroom: 13'9" x 12'4" (13.7' x 12.4') | 170 sq ft
Family: 14'6" x 15' (14.5' x 15') | 213 sq ft
Laundry: 10'1" x 6'7" (10.1' x 6.6') | 67 sq ft
Storage: 10'1" x 8' (10' x 8') | 55 sq ft
Storage: 10'1" x 8'2" (10.1' x 8.2') | 58 sq ft
Note: Only major rooms are listed. Some listed rooms may be excluded from total interior floor area (e.g. garage). Room dimensions are largest length and width; parts of room may be smaller. Room area is not always equal to product of length and width.

Floor Area Information

Main Building


Finished Area: N/C
Unfinished Area: N/C


Finished Area: N/C
Unfinished Area: N/C

ANSI Z765-2021, Main Building

Above Grade Finished Area: N/C
Above Grade Unfinished Area: N/C
Below Grade Finished Area: N/A
Below Grade Unfinished Area: N/A

N/C: Not computed due to one or more missing exterior wall thicknesses.

Note: For explanation of floor area calculations and method of measurement please see https://youriguide.com/measure/. Floor areas include footprint area of interior walls. All displayed floor areas are rounded to two decimal places. Total area is computed before rounding and may not equal to sum of displayed floor areas.

Broker Name

Broker Title

Brokerage Name

123-456-7890 (Cell)    



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