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Why use iGUIDE Lead Magnet?

Lead gen

Interested prospects can connect with you directly via your iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tour 

Real-time feedback

Level up your listing reports and include real-time feedback from buyers. 

Easy access

Boost your digital footprint, making your online listing more discoverable to potential buyers. 

The best part? It’s INSTANT! 

How it works

The iGUIDE Lead Magnet is a quick and simple way to connect with interested buyers and prospects. It instantly captures their details and makes the connection.   

  • Connect

    Your iGUIDE Service Provider creates two views of your iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tour (teaser and detailed).

  • Get leads

    Prospects are shown the iGUIDE teaser view and complete the form to request access to the detailed view.

  • Close deals

    Leads are delivered to your inbox without having to lift a finger.

Find an iGUIDE Service Provider

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Your lead generation machine

We've built it with you in mind. During peak seasons, use the automated response to provide everything they need without missing a beat. Buyers have the information they’re looking for in seconds and an introduction is made each time!

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industry professionals

    It used to take me over two-and-a-half hours to go into a home and just do measurements and manually insert them into floor plans. But, with iGUIDE, it was all so quick and easy. I have been able to grow my business by a whopping 375% using iGUIDE, and the cost of the camera has paid for itself a hundredfold, many times over!

    Julie Pringle
    Snap Photography

    Even after working day & night, I was unable to grow my business. With the hours I was working, it was just not scalable. That is when I came across Planitar and decided to buy an iGUIDE Camera. I am six times faster than before, the market is huge, and with iGUIDE by my side, I know I’m ready for it.

    Alden Morris
    Alden Morris Photo

    Can you imagine the industry and an industry player moving in opposite directions? Well, that’s exactly what iGUIDE did to my business. Even during the Real Estate downturn in 2018, I saw a stupendous 255% upward growth. My clients absolutely loved what I was able to offer - great photography, immersive virtual tours, and that too, with a turnaround of fewer than 24 hours. It is a winning combination!

    Kyle Ketchel
    Visual Properties LLC

    Adding iGUIDE virtual tours has helped my Realtor clients sell more properties, save more time by showing fewer properties that fit home buyer's needs that they are excited to see and separate themselves from their competition when doing listing presentations.

    Paul Maynard
    Colorful Virtual Tours

    I do photos and iGUIDE 3D tour with floor plan for almost every single listing I do. So, it gives me more revenue.

    Todd Wasylyshyn
    Nanaimo Photography

    I don't want to go to eight houses and shoot photos, I want to go to three houses and shoot photos and video. Now I do more per house and less traveling and bigger invoices.

    Fred Light
    Nashua Video Tours