The Deft Group is revolutionizing property assessments with iGUIDE

Are you delivering the optimal experience for your clients as insurance adjusters? Do they trust you? Or do you often have to reassure and reiterate conversations to build their confidence in your ability to handle all the details of their insurance claim?

In the world of insurance, trust is paramount. Clients need to feel confident in your expertise, especially considering you often evaluate damage to their largest investment.

Moreover, positive client experiences can pave the way for referrals, fostering continuous growth and future business opportunities.

As the leader and founder of The Deft Group, Jeremiah Kiefer believes trust and satisfaction are dual priorities. Since establishing his business, these principles have guided his success.

Jeremiah believes the level of detail and information his team provides for each insurance claim is the key differentiator fueling his success. His approach is founded on meticulous insurance claim documentation, complemented by detailed visuals and comprehensive notes.

This dedication to transparency and detail has set The Deft Group apart in the insurance industry and has been a driving force behind client confidence in their services.

Initial challenge

For decades, insurance adjusters have faced challenges in obtaining the comprehensive data needed for accurate property evaluations.

“The insurance industry is very rigid. People have been doing things the way they do for 25-30 years. You never have the picture that you want. Ten adjusters and nine of them don’t know how to frame a shot.” highlights Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was looking to expand the scope of his business. He had the opportunity to capture large complexes with hundreds of units. This meant scaling his ability to capture individual units of 20 or more in as many as 30 buildings. Using the traditional method wasn’t an option.

The solution had to be efficient and accurately collect expansive amounts of data to meet industry requirements and be easy to learn and operate.

Discovering a solution

After years of trying traditional industry tools and searching for modern-day upgrades, The Deft Group tried iGUIDE technology. He fell in love with it.

Jeremiah was surprised at how much more accurate and easier iGUIDE was to use. He highlights, “We can get through a home and probably a third of the time that we could with some of the bigger, more well-known competitors.”

In comparing his experience to manual measurement, competitors and point-and-click cameras, iGUIDE saved much time while capturing more accurate documentation. Jeremiah can see “every nook and cranny that he could possibly need. It captures millions of images in one scan.”

Suppose a public adjuster comes back months later and tries to dispute or point out additional damages. In that case, he knows his adjuster or engineer has the documentation they need at their fingertips to have the right conversation. The iGUIDE virtual walkthrough and precise floor plan mean that all stakeholders have a common understanding of property conditions.

Seeing benefits and results

Saving time and increasing accuracy

iGUIDE provides a complete visual dataset that speeds up claims processing and improves property understanding to reduce missed details. It’s essential for making faster, more informed decisions throughout the restoration process.

Yesterday’s practice of tape measures and cameras is no longer an option. “I can confidently say that iGUIDE technology has given the Deft Group a competitive advantage. Even a very good adjuster who knows how to use a laser can’t match the accuracy that we get from the iGUIDE technology, and the technology is simple. You can basically take it out of the box and figure out how to use it!” highlights Kiefer.

The Deft Group is dedicated to providing clients with the best data possible.

Lower costs

The benefits extend beyond mere efficiency. They translate into cost savings.

It’s easy to offset the cost of using iGUIDE compared to having someone manually take the measurements and then manually put them into Xactimate. Creating accurate estimates and scheduling projects has been significantly simplified as iGUIDE has no monthly subscriptions and offers per-project pricing.

Higher customer satisfaction

Trust holds immense importance in the insurance industry. The Deft Group clients have faith in their expertise. These positive client experiences lead to more referrals, increasing growth and future business opportunities.

It’s crucial to recognize that in the insurance field, clear communication, thorough documentation, and visual representation of the process are just as vital as the services themselves.

Ready to explore the transformative power of iGUIDE for your insurance endeavors? Witness firsthand how our cutting-edge technology can help you improve your efficiency, accuracy and workflow. Book time with an iGUIDE Specialist to see how it can help your business.