Top 5 Things Home Sellers Expect from Their Real Estate Agent

Silence is golden but when it comes to real estate you are expected to be anything but quiet.

Every seller wants to hear the details of how you will get their property sold. Your client’s real estate agent expectations can be met by providing what has become the norm. Current technological advancements, accurately measured floor plans and interactive ways to share property information are must-haves. It is no longer considered a perk to include virtual tours, it is expected. Are you offering everything you can to help your listings speak loud and clear? Here are the 5 most important must-haves that are now the norm in real estate marketing.

3D virtual tours

What did you ever do without 3D virtual tours? It wasn’t that long ago that we were calling everything a “video”. But a 3D virtual tour is more than just a short video captured from a handheld camera or mobile phone. It is a carefully crafted series of 360˚ images that allow the user to navigate through a property in a 3-dimensional way. When you know what to expect from your real estate agent and what you get is a slightly fuzzy walk-through video of your home, you won’t be happy. A professionally shot 3D virtual tour captures the essence of every space allowing the user to look up, down and around at their leisure. This is why the technology is being used in a variety of industries from real estate and facility management to insurance and architecture.

Floor plans

How many times have you examined photos of a property only to discover that you have somehow made a disconnect with the space? Floor plans help complete the picture of a home by allowing you to see the placement of doors, windows, fixtures and stairways. Real estate agent expectations not only need to meet that of the seller but also provide a way for the buyer to comprehend the fit and flow of the property. Back in the day, you were lucky to come across an old blueprint from the original builder. You could take that rolled-up pile of 24” x 36” papers and physically share it with potential buyers. The big problem with that was you never knew if the building was constructed according to the plan. Today the bar has been raised much higher with the ability to share accurately measured floor plans gathered with the latest technology. The seller and the potential buyer can be confident that crucial measurements are accurate and reliable.

Measurement standards

Everyone has standards and the real estate industry is no different. A measurement standard is what to expect from your real estate agent when determining the square footage of a home. A seller needs to be confident that you have researched comparable sales data when you price their home. One of the most important variables when it comes to valuation is size. The apples-to-apples method generally works with comparable properties within a similar district so it is important to be accurate, especially when analyzing how your marketing plan is going.  iGUIDE measurements are aligned with ANSI-Z765-2021 guidelines and can help speed up the mortgage approval process. Instead of waiting to determine if the measurement standard has been met, you can be confident in the square footage of every listing when using iGUIDE.

Interactive technology

Technology has given us the ability to be hands-on regarding real estate agent expectations. Paper files are becoming more and more obsolete, replaced by digital methods of signing contracts, viewing properties and interacting with space. Twenty years ago, virtual reality was primarily a theme park venue where you could pretend to be somewhere besides the chair you were sitting in. Today interactive technology gives the consumer the freedom to explore areas within a home anytime day or night. Not only does the technology allow the consumer an up close and personal look but it’s what to expect from your real estate agent no matter where you live. Interactive technology gives you control during a virtual showing. You can narrate through the rooms and hallways while directing interest to specific portions of a home.

360˚ images

Going around in circles is a good thing with 360˚ images. What to expect from your real estate agent is a variety of ways to interact with a listing. No 3D virtual tour would be complete without complementary photographic images. Think of staring at your surroundings from a stationary spot and then having a way to move in any direction fluidly. This is how the consumer gets a full experience and the ability to understand the seller’s property. The longer they interact the deeper the connection to the property and the potential for a sale.

Your seller’s expectations are not high. They are perfectly aligned with today’s technology trends. If you are missing any of the 5 top things in your marketing plan, give some thought to the seller and buyer’s perspectives because that’s what it’s all about. Think iGUIDE.


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