The benefits of using iGUIDE for accurate documentation in insurance claims and restoration projects

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of manual documentation in insurance claims and restoration projects?

Accurate documentation is crucial in insurance claims and restoration projects, and iGUIDE is here to make it easier than ever before. 

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, iGUIDE delivers precise measurements, detailed floor plans and an ESX file to begin estimating in Xactimate, eliminating the guesswork and potential errors that often plague traditional documentation methods. With iGUIDE, you can save time, reduce costs and improve the overall accuracy of your projects.

Impact of inaccurate documentation

Accurate documentation is crucial for you to assess the extent of the damage or loss. However, as you know there can be risks and challenges in gathering the details and documentation manually. It can delay the claim settlement process, creating complications in determining the coverage, and in some cases sparking disputes between the parties involved. Moreover, inadequate documentation can result in underpayment or denial of claims, leaving the policyholder with the burden of covering the costs themselves. As a professional, it’s imperative to ensure accurate and thorough documentation to avoid these consequences and expedite the claim process.

Introducing the iGUIDE Camera System

Introducing the iGUIDE Camera System, a cutting-edge solution for capturing detailed and immersive digital representations of spaces. With its advanced technology, this camera system offers unmatched precision and clarity, delivering exceptional visuals that bring spaces to life. 

The iGUIDE Camera System enables users to create accurate floor plans, virtual walkthroughs, and ESX files within 24 hours^. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it accessible to professionals and beginners. 

Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming manual documentation processes, as the iGUIDE Camera System simplifies how you can capture and present spaces. 

Benefits of using iGUIDE for accurate documentation

Digital measurements: iGUIDE uses state-of-the-art lidar laser scanning technology to capture precise measurements of space. By utilizing a laser, iGUIDE can create a highly accurate representation of the physical dimensions of a property. This eliminates the need for manual measurements, reducing the margin of error and ensuring that all measurements are consistently precise.

Floor Plans: With iGUIDE, creating detailed floor plans has never been easier. The laser scanning technology accurately captures the layout of a space, including walls, doors, windows and other architectural features. The result is a comprehensive floor plan that accurately represents the dimensions and layout of the property. This is especially beneficial for real estate agents and claims and restoration professionals who require accurate floor plans for insurance claims.

Virtual tours: iGUIDE takes documentation to the next level by offering immersive virtual tours. Using a combination of high-resolution panoramic photography, iGUIDE creates a realistic and interactive virtual tour experience. Users can navigate through a property, exploring every room and space with ease. This is particularly valuable when you need to reference the state of the property at a point in time.

Data integration: iGUIDE seamlessly integrates with other software and platforms, making it easy to export and share data. The captured measurements, floor plans and virtual tours can be easily accessed and shared with clients, colleagues or other stakeholders. This streamlines the documentation process and improves collaboration, saving time and effort.

Accuracy and reliability: iGUIDE is renowned for its accuracy and reliability. The laser scanning technology ensures that measurements and floor plans are consistently precise, eliminating the potential for human error. This level of accuracy is crucial, especially in industries such as real estate and architecture, where accurate documentation is essential for decision-making and planning.

Real example

Here is what David recently said about the iGUIDE camera system:

“Groundbreaking new equipment for fire scene documentation!

The unit is light and compact. It fits easily on the plane for travel. The system works well in low light conditions and provides high-quality panos of the scene.

The software allows me to download the panos and secure them, they are not left on a server somewhere that I have to pay for access to again. The customer service is excellent. The unit is small and scans well in the dark and irregular environment of the fire scenes we encounter.

There is some learning curve on using the stitch software to line up the IR scans, but… this is easily overcome by watching the training videos provided.”

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iGUIDE offers numerous benefits for accurate documentation in insurance claims and restoration projects. By incorporating iGUIDE into your workflow, you can save time, save money and improve efficiency.

iGUIDE provides precise measurements and detailed floor plans including an ESX file to shortcut the sketching process in Xactimate, ensuring accurate documentation of the property. This can help streamline the claims process and reduce disputes. Additionally, iGUIDE’s high-resolution imagery enables thorough visual documentation, allowing for better assessment and evaluation.

^ESX files are delivered within one business day. Excluding holidays, and outside office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).


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