The value of virtual tour technology for real estate agents in 2021

Value. What makes something valuable? Something has value if it is useful, desirable, and implies quality. If you are a real estate agent you know virtual tours are valuable. Though many of you will be happy to leave much of the past several months behind, something you should keep from 2021 is the technology for real estate agents including virtual tours. As you slowly begin to shift away from all the rhetoric around houses selling themselves, you will come to realize that as the markets start to recede the need for virtual tours will remain.

You have given the consumer an easier more efficient way to view a property and there is no going back. Virtual tours for real estate agents are essential for marketing and capturing leads. Remember when you said you would never use social media? Yeah, sort of like that. Your followers engage with you when you provide accurate, relevant information. The outcome is happy home sellers and better referrals.

Hot or not

Real estate marketing is not just about fast deals and multiple offers. It is about building your brand for the long run. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you have to think in terms of technology for real estate agents. Technology has given us the ability to launch non-astronauts into the stratosphere and also given us the ability to get a home sold quickly using virtual tours.

With everyone talking about space it reminds you that one of the most important qualities in a property is accurately measured square footage. How much space – not just virtual space but room dimensions on the floor plan that you include with every listing. Floor plans combined with 3D tours are the extras you provide to attract qualified buyers to a property.

The attraction opens the door to a successful real estate marketing campaign, helps get you more leads, provides value and puts your listings on the hotlist.

iGUIDE’s Eye Candy

Virtual tours for real estate agents are the perfect way to entice prospective buyers to the bargaining table. But how do you keep them interested? Eye candy in the form of iGUIDE’s 3D tours with captivating easy-to-use navigation are perfect, a sort of dessert before the main course. Follow up with an accurate floor plan that encompasses the “fine print” of any property and you will be sure to satisfy the buyer’s curiosity.

Sure 3D videos and lovely staging draw your buyer in, but what they really want is to know if all their “stuff” is going to fit into the residence they have just fallen in love with. How are they going to know? Numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Accurate measurements on a precise floor plan provide the value of knowing the home’s size without having to pick up a measuring tape.

Give More

Every great Realtor® is using virtual tours to enhance the user experience. If you are not using this technology for real estate agents you might be falling behind. But it’s never too late to catch up with the top performers in the industry. In fact, you can not only catch up but stand out from your competition by giving the consumer that little something extra. Provide the consumer floor plans that are precisely measured with the cutting-edge technology of iGUIDE.

It’s not just about accurate square footage of a property, it’s about getting all the measurements your clients need. First, you help them find the house they are looking for then, wow them with the little extras. Homebuyers use prop-tech tools to get a tailor-made fit for all their things. Floor plans are that extra value that sets you above and beyond your competition.

Make it Personal

There is no shortage of videos. Everywhere you turn there’s a video of someone or something. Why are videos so popular? Because they are a way for anyone to get a glimpse into a different world without leaving their own. With the evolution of social media, video has become a must-have if you want to draw attention to your brand.

That is why using 3D video and virtual tours continue to capture attention when you use them in your real estate marketing plan. Virtual tours for real estate agents are one of the best ways to grow your brand. Add in an iGUIDE floor plan with your brand identity, brokerage name and credentials and you have the ideal way to promote your services while offering a proven method of getting a listing sold quickly. iGUIDE sells homes faster and for a higher dollar amount. With the embed tool, you can incorporate floor plans, virtual tours, and 3D videos for all your listings directly on your own personal or professional website.

Know the Distance

Whether you are “Selling Sunset” or selling until the sun sets, it’s all about the image. Your brand is what keeps reminding consumers of who you are. Regularly used virtual tours show the public you mean business. You have the seller’s best interests in mind showcasing their property in the best way possible by using iGUIDE to share and promote all the features of their home.

Not only does this benefit the seller in getting their home sold quickly, but the buyer reaps the rewards of knowing the precise measurements of a property. Immersing your clients in technology for real estate agents allows them to understand the comparative value of competing property listings and offers a way to enhance the experience.

iGUIDE’s 3D measurement capability can measure lineal distances and 3D spaces providing the buyer made to measure proficiency. Help them know the distance to reduce the chances of human error when measuring for appliances, furniture, or future renovations.

Don’t just think of a shift in the paradigm with virtual tours for real estate. Think of shifting gears to increase the speed at which your brand and your referrals can grow. Think iGUIDE.

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