Modernizing insurance claims: A deep dive into digital tagging with iGUIDE

Modernizing insurance claims has become easier with the introduction of iGUIDE’s virtual walk-throughs featuring digital tagging.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.
—Peter Drucker

Modernizing insurance claims has become easier with the introduction of iGUIDE’s virtual walk-throughs featuring digital tagging. This innovative technology streamlines the claims process by allowing insurance adjusters to document and assess damages digitally and accurately with the ability to tag and categorize specific areas of interest within photos, videos and notes. iGUIDE simplifies the documentation process, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. This result is faster claims processing and improved accuracy, benefiting insurance providers and policyholders.

You need quick turnaround times and thorough assessments for fire and flood claims to determine accurate repair and replacement costs. The speed at which you gather and share information directly affects your business growth and revenue. 

Think of tagging as an editable note

Once you complete a 3D Virtual Walkthrough, you can place a Digital Tag to pinpoint the problem. Moreover, with iGUIDE’s new Real Time Tagging feature, you can  incorporate images, video clips, and titles into a Tag as you document the claim. It accelerates the claims process and increases the accuracy of your documentation.

You can organize tags by industry sub-trades, essential assets, and specific issues like:

  • Electrical Plumbing
  • Moisture readings
  • HVAC
  • Fixtures and chattel

Each Tag can store valuable information. Temperature readings, high voltage wiring details, and notes on movable items all simplify damage understanding for stakeholders. Swift damage documentation gives everyone a precise reference point. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but combined with color-coded tags, it tells a complete story.

Keeping communication quick and costs low

Advancements in the insurance and restoration industries have made the claims process more straightforward. With the latest iGUIDE technology, you can rapidly convey accurate floor plan measurements, the scope of loss and crucial details of each space. iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging offers benefits like efficiency boosts and access to the entire Virtual Walkthrough. You can share requests for information with stakeholders directly on-site. This ensures they receive the data sooner and helps you avoid expensive delays. Conducting quick and precise restoration assessments and appraisals ensures you stick to your budget.

Improved access equals increased revenue

Detailed access is essential. Sharing the entire project through a 3D virtual rendering reduces mistakes. When everyone accesses duplicate files, decisions become faster and more precise. There are various ways to convey information, enhancing the restoration process, including:

  • Titles and Text: Highlight key features or add context.
  • Images: Showcase features in detail.
  • Videos: Make walkthroughs engaging.
  • Links: Connect spaces for improved navigation.

Cutting down on costs due to assumptions leads to efficiency improvements and business growth.

The need for speed in documentation

Providing quick and precise documentation is essential in the insurance and restoration business. To settle claims, you need to align quickly with adjusters and stakeholders. Unnecessary travel time increases costs and can delay the operation. Real-time tagging eliminates the need for multiple site visits. Everyone can stay on the same page from any location. Digital Tags ensure swift turnaround times, demonstrate professionalism and boost workflow. Learn how to automate floor plan sketching with iGUIDE Instant Sketch.

Revenue growth through precision

The role of technology in the insurance and restoration industry is clear: speed up the claims process. Precise documentation clears up questions about measurements and the scope of the damage. iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging provides critical details about every space. When insurance adjusters choose your services, your business grows. The faster you settle a claim, the quicker the payment. Efficient services lead to more referrals, directly impacting your revenue.

In the world of insurance restoration claims, business opportunities are massive. With annual losses due to various disasters, efficient documentation is always preferred. If you’re seeking a rapid and efficient documentation method, iGUIDE’s Real Time Tagging stands out. Book time with one of our Specialists for a detailed walk-through to find out how you can use this to modernize your processes.

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