Make your next marketing strategy Local

What does it mean to be a local real estate agent?

What does it mean to be a local real estate agent? By focusing on a targeted area you become an expert in a specific geographic area. You regularly attend events and have your eyes and ears tuned into the pulse of the community. The relationship you have with a specific area is second nature and you know about all the new developments, where the best schools are located, the walk scores, and crime rates. To put it into perspective, you are the consumer’s go-to when they need to find out about the who’s who and the buzz in your strategically marketed area. When questions arise about planning, zoning, and environmental concerns or the selling price of the property down the street with a similar floor plan, you have the answers on the tip of your tongue. Honing in on a local area will have your brand standing out and get recognized as the local expert. Knowledge is powerful and combined with the best marketing tools for real estate agents will lead you to success.

What are some secrets to becoming a local expert?

Use Virtual tours in your new real estate marketing plan

It’s no secret that the world wide web is here to stay and that consumers are using technology at a faster rate than ever before. Homebuyers are especially enamoured with searching online and according to NAR, 97% of them use the web in their quest for a new home. Sure, traditional and old-school marketing can add some nostalgia to your advertising but it is time to embrace the digital age and focus on having an online presence.

By incorporating real estate marketing tools like immersive 3D tours, and interactive floor plans, you not only highlight the fit and flow of each property, but you highlight the fact that you are current with real estate technology. Be the agent the locals recognize as the tech-friendly marketing expert for all their real estate requirements.

Following the leads and leading with followers

You can lead by following. Follow the social channels of local businesses including professional services, retail, recreational facilities, and builders and developers in the area. You will discover that some of the best marketing tools for real estate agents from companies like iGUIDE® are exactly what the consumer is looking for. Take the lead by asking your followers questions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to initiate conversation. Listen to the voices of the residents and use your time to engage with the community by sharing stories on your social channels, including virtual open houses, 3D tours, and market updates. Did you know you can guide a buyer through a property by sharing a link during a virtual showing? Social connections can drive leads from your apps directly to a potential sale.

The importance of standing out in a highly competitive field

There are plenty of intelligent real estate agents who know the rules and abide by the fundamentals of the industry standards. But you need to be more than the “standard” Realtor®. Marketing tools from companies like iGUIDE® can make you stand out. A listing is just a piece of paper (or digital file) that allows you to perform your duties and receive compensation for your work.

But how you present a property listing should inspire, entice, and engage the consumer. How can you accomplish this? Use real estate marketing tools to reel in the consumer and make a connection. Buyers and sellers want information including accurate measurements, property-specific details, and community amenities. By offering floor plans and easily navigated virtual tours in your digital marketing, you can tie it all together with your expert knowledge of the geographic region.

Create your Brand identity with niche marketing

One of the best marketing tools for real estate agents is building your brand through consistent messaging. Real estate industry-leading coach, Tom Ferry, suggests you master a specific niche as one of the marketing ideas to elevate your brand. Every listing is an opportunity for you to reach out to the public and show them the value of choosing an agent who can offer good advice, solid accurate information and present it all in a timely manner. Doing this builds trust and recognition in your brand. When focusing in a specific neighborhood it is imperative to help the community identify you as the “expert” in the area.

You will get recognized as an agent specializing in a specific geographic area when offering things like virtual tours, and precise floor plans included in all your listings. With the proper branding and dedication to your targeted area, your name becomes synonymous with the “go-to” agent for both buyers and sellers in your niche market.

Details matter

Focus on a single demographic region to uncover and learn the intimate details about schools, parks, walk-scores, and community happenings. Little details about a neighbourhood matter to buyers, as much as the fit and flow of a property presented using real estate marketing tools and state of the art proptech. While you guide a potential buyer through a virtual showing you can have a conversation with them about what it would be like to live in the home. Highlighting property details makes it easier for a consumer to imagine how they will fit into their new home.

Working in a niche market doesn’t mean you can stray away from the environs periodically. After all, plenty of opportunities will arise while networking within your chosen locale. The key to your success is to use the best marketing tools for real estate agents to distinguish yourself from everyone else out there. 


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