Think inside the box; Visualizing inside a home with Floorplanner

With the iGUIDE Floor planner integration, you can now customize the look and feel of a space to decide if it’s right for you.

The world is always trying to get everyone to think outside the box. Yes, getting the wheels spinning with new advancements in real estate technology makes interacting with consumers faster and easier. There are accurate ways to provide square footage calculations, offer detailed room dimensions, and create 3D videos and floor plans, such as using the iGUIDE floor planner.

Working with sellers and buyers has never been more cyber-friendly. But real estate marketing is more than signing listings and for sale signs. It’s about creating connections. Using virtual staging turns the seller’s house into the buyer’s home. Give your buyer a way to imagine their new home as more than just a shelter from the storm, all with the help of the iGUIDE floor planner.

A House is Just a House

Every house is like an intricate box carefully constructed from a floor plan. The structure is built on a foundation framed to reflect accurate square footage calculations with varying room dimensions. But how and when does that house become a ‘Home’?

As a realtor, you must help the consumer feel emotionally attached to every room so they can visualize what life would be like in the house. Buyers’ interest in virtual tours has increased by 50% in recent weeks. Bring the buyer’s imagination to life by implementing a fun way of integrating the iGUIDE floor planner. Use the ability to add furniture, lighting, and finishing by using Floorplanner.

The house becomes a ‘Home’ when the consumer can picture living there with their family. When they can visualize their personal belongings, knowing everything fits perfectly even before the moving day.

A Chair is Just a Chair

Help with your real estate marketing plan by introducing a cost effective way to virtually stage a home for your seller. The iGUIDE Floor planner application impresses your seller and helps to prequalify buyers.

Sure, the seller has some great furnishings but their favorite easy chair may not be exactly what an interested buyer has in mind for décor. A listing can be presented using virtual staging techniques that allow the buyer to place optional images of chattels similar to the ones they currently own.

Replace the seller’s comfy chair with a chaise lounge or sofa to see how the buyer’s personal choices work with the layout and the actual room dimensions. Allowing them to visualize their coveted pieces in each room creates emotional connections with the home. The picture they create is worth more than a thousand words and a half dozen visits. All through the iGUIDE floor planner.

Time After Time

So why would your seller want you to use Floorplanner to help showcase their property? Time. Once the real estate photographer has completed shooting the 360° tours and 3D videos you want prospective buyers to spend as much time interacting with a home as possible. Allow the buyer to take advantage of visualizing the property the way they want to see it. By using the virtual options to recreate each room setting, the buyer connects by seeing the space as their own. Full floor plans with virtual setups can be shared with friends and family. Save time for your seller by limiting multiple visits from a buyer considering some renovations. Answer questions like “what is the square footage calculation of the living room” or “what are the room dimensions of the kitchen” simply by having a floor plan and 3D tour. Ideas can be shared with their contractor or interior designer to find the perfect fit. Time saved by the seller is time well spent by the buyer interacting with the property.

Plan A or Plan B

Use the accurate square footage calculations to showcase the multiple possibilities of a property. Sometimes best-laid plans can go to waste but not with Floorplanner. If the child’s bedroom in plan A does not appear suitable for the work-from-home office, try virtually rearranging the furniture to make the room ideal for the morning Zoom meetings. Integrated features can show how natural lighting affects each room depending on the time of day. Help the buyer visualize what their life would look like by providing real estate technology tools at the tip of their finger or with a click of a mouse. Plan B never looked so good.

Adults Playing (with their) House

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. With extrapolated measurements from iGUIDE floor plans integrated with Foorplanner, your buyer gets both. Knowledge in the form of accurate square footage and individual room dimensions along with the freedom to use their imagination to play with their new house. With the right amount of chemistry and a little help from some great real estate technology, you can present the dream. Showcase your listings from a unique perspective that allows the buyer to play before they pay.

Your real estate marketing plan is an ever-evolving way to connect with consumers. By simulating real-life settings, you offer both sellers and buyers the opportunity to visualize the future. Truly what matters most is on the inside when it comes to making a connection.

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