New look and feel of iGUIDE makes the experience of viewing 3D tours and floorplans more immersive while still retaining familiarity for existing users.

Waterloo, ON, Canada, (March 22 , 2022) The advent of COVID-19 and unprecedented levels of demand in the real estate market throughout North America has brought about an upsurge in the adoption of virtual home tours and floorplans, allowing potential buyers to view listings remotely. Now iGUIDE, an industry leader in 3D tours and floorplans, introduces an enhanced interface designed to create a faster, better, more attractive user experience.

“We know that the demand and need for virtual tours isn’t going away anytime soon whether because of the Pandemic, or because buyers have grown accustomed to having such a cool tool at their disposal. So with that in mind we wanted to push our platform to be the must-have- for brokerages and agents,” said Michael Vervena, VP of Sales & Marketing for iGUIDE.

iGUIDE’s enhanced interface promises to create a fresh yet familiar way for viewers and virtual visitors to interact with a space. Changes are thoughtfully designed for maximum impact while retaining the functionality current iGUIDE users value.

Among the changes available through iGUIDE, users will find the following:

  • Streamlined floor plan for better navigation and a more immersive experience
  • Grouped toolbox to put commonly used commands together for ease of use
  • More refined menu bar with a new background and space for branding and an address

Offering the capability to minimize the menu bar and floorplan, users will enjoy a more immersive virtual environment while retaining robust control of functions.

“This new design has been carefully thought out to make the iGUIDE experience even better! It is a combination of immersion and control. The iGUIDE allows the client to explore the rooms intuitively by following along for the tour, or by going their own way through the space. They can also toggle between ‘walking’ through the home or ‘jumping’ to the spaces that are most important to them– making the whole experience customizable to the person. You should never feel like you are lost.,” said Vervena.

Enhanced iGUIDE will be available April 4th, 2022.

About iGUIDE

Founded in 2013, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Planitar Inc. is the maker of iGUIDE, a proprietary camera and software platform for capturing and delivering immersive 3D virtual tours and extensive property data. iGUIDE is the most efficient system to map interior spaces and features accurate floor plans, measurements, and reliable property square footage. By integrating floor plans and visual data, iGUIDE provides an intuitive and practical way to digitally navigate and explore built environments.