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iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours can enhance your real estate listing, organize your construction projects and streamline insurance claims.

Each 3D virtual tour provides a comprehensive and interactive experience, enhancing listings, simplifying projects and strengthing documentation for everyone.

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Why choose iGUIDE

Accurate floor plans

Accurate, interactive digital floor plans make it easy to visualize and customize the space.

3D virtual tours

Bring properties to life, providing an opportunity to experience the space virtually.


Our real-time tagging tool and reports create a comprehensive record of the property.


Protect your clients. Use auto-blur or manually blur sensitive information and objects in any iGUIDE.

Each iGUIDE is created using the iGUIDE PLANIX Pro Camera System

Measure, document and photograph a space simultaneously! Using a 360° time-of-flight lidar scanner with accuracy exceeding industry standards.

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iGUIDE experience

The iGUIDE PLANIX does more than just takes pictures. Unlike a conventional camera system, it measures and photographs a space—at the same time. This reduces time spent in each space as you quickly capture information for a virtual tour and floor plans.

iGUIDE Real-Time Tags

iGUIDE Tags help communicate critical property information in your iGUIDE 3D virtual tour.

Tags can include text, photo, video, and graphics providing a whole new dimension. Whether on-site in real-time or afterwards, Tags are quick and easy to implement leading to a more comprehensive virtual tour.

iGUIDE Report

Our iGUIDE Report, sent via email, offers many essential features and tools tailored for property viewing, management and marketing. With convenient links, downloadable resources and comprehensive property details such as room measurements and floor area information, sharing property information with partners, vendors and clients becomes effortless.

iGUIDE Analytics

Gain in-depth insights into your iGUIDE’s performance by monitoring traffic sources, understanding customer behavior (first-time or returning users) and analyzing browsing duration.

These aspects offer a holistic view of iGUIDE accessibility, audience demographics and content placement effectiveness.

But the features don’t stop there!

iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours are packed with features that bring you even more value. Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself. 

Virtual Showing

Explore an iGUIDE while others watch from a distance. Your movements will be shown on everyone's screens simultaneously. 

Sharing actions is quicker and smoother than sharing your screen, leading to a better experience. Making your first Virtual Showing is simple. Click the share button to access easy instructions.

Virtual staging

Virtual staging can bring life to an empty house by adding furniture, accessories and even blue skies in the windows.

It’s easy to virtually stage an iGUIDE using your own tool or you can use virtual staging services. iGUIDE 360° panos work with most virtual staging services. 

When choosing a staging company, ask about their ability to stage 360° images, revision policy, turnaround time and cost. You can easily download iGUIDE 360° image assets for offline editing.

For detailed instructions click here.

Google Street View

iGUIDE can capture, process and send public property data to Google Street View so people can explore online before visiting. 

This is visible on Google Maps and is not for private properties. To export to Google Street View, simply capture the property, submit for processing and export through the iGUIDE Portal. 

Benefits include showcasing the space online, attracting interested customers and boosting Google search ranking.


Take your iGUIDE 3D virtual tours to the next level with Floorplanner. You can customize the look and feel of a space using over 150,000 3D models for furniture, lighting, paint color, appliances and flooring.

Experiment with different layouts and options, change the sun's direction, and virtually stage floor plans and 3D renders at a fraction of the cost.

Create an iGUIDE and choose to export it to Floorplanner.  It’s that simple. Floorplanner will take the data and create a 2D/3D render in seconds that you can customize. 

For detailed instructions click here.

See beyond photos

Are you looking for a powerful tool to capture and document a property? Look no further than iGUIDE. 

  • Quick capture and easy project creation 
  • Easy to navigate and understand  
  • Rich analytics and you own your data
  • Increase privacy with the blurring tool
  • Per-project pricing and no monthly subscriptions
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Frequently Asked Questions

An iGUIDE 3D virtual tour is a realistic digital representation of a physical space that allows viewers to explore properties remotely as if they were there in person.

You have two options for generating an iGUIDE 3D virtual tour. Firstly, you can connect with a nearby iGUIDE Service Operator who will capture your property for you. Alternatively, you can acquire an iGUIDE PLANIX camera system, which is essential for gathering the necessary data yourself.

There is no monthly subscription fee as it's pay per project pricing. Additionally you can host an unlimited number of iGUIDEs. With iGUIDE you own your data, it's readily available in your account anytme you need it.

Yes, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours support the integration of additional information, photos, videos, and even floor plans to provide viewers with comprehensive details about the property.

Yes, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours offer a user-friendly experience with intuitive controls that allow viewers to move seamlessly through the space and interact with various elements.

Click here to learn how to use Advanced Measurements within the iGUIDE 3D virtual tour.

Absolutely! iGUIDE 3D virtual tours are compatible with most mobile devices, giving users the flexibility to explore properties anytime, anywhere.

Yes, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours offer customization options, allowing you to add your branding, logo and contact information to create a seamless and professional presentation for clients.

iGUIDE 3D virtual tours save time by enabling potential buyers to tour properties online, attracting more qualified leads and reducing unnecessary physical showings.

Definitely! iGUIDE 3D virtual tours are easily shareable on various platforms, allowing real estate professionals to showcase properties effectively and attract a wider audience.

iGUIDE 3D virtual tours can help streamline the construction process by providing stakeholders with a clear and accurate visual representation of the project.

Absolutely, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours can be tailored to include relevant information and features that are important for construction projects, such as measurements, annotations and interactive elements.

By providing a shared digital platform where all stakeholders can view and interact with the project, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours promote better communication and collaboration throughout the construction process.

iGUIDE 3D virtual tours provide a detailed view of the property, allowing insurance adjusters to assess damages accurately without physically visiting the site.

By offering a comprehensive visual representation of the property, iGUIDE 3D tours can expedite the claims process by reducing the need for multiple site visits and enabling efficient decision-making.

iGUIDE prioritizes data security and employs robust measures to safeguard all information collected through virtual tours, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Yes, iGUIDE 3D virtual tours are designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth experience for both adjusters assessing damages and clients reviewing the property.

Yes, iGUIDE provides training resources, including tutorials, webinars, and customer support, to help you learn how to use the platform effectively and maximize the value of your virtual tours. Visit the iGUIDE Help Center to learn more.

Yes. Panoramas can be hidden or shown and floor plan labels can be modified. Gallery images, agent branding, video, property details can all be changed or updated along with more available customization.

iGUIDE 3D virtual tours that have all required data uploaded to the iGUIDE Portal will be processed within 24 hours.

Trusted by
industry professionals

    iGUIDE allows potential buyers to capturing an emotional attachment and picture themselves in the property. We have noticed that the more layers of visual tools our properties offer, the longer buyers stay on our site, dreaming of their dream house, and of course making that essential offer.

    Maryna de Lannoy
    Design Team & Client Care
    Mark Richards Team, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty

    10 adjusters and 9 of them don’t know how to frame a shot. If you let us take an iGUIDE virtual tour, then you’ll have a million still images. iGUIDE technology has given Deft a huge competitive advantage. Simply seeing how much value it’s brought to deft, we fell in love with it!

    Jeremiah Kiefer
    Founder & CEO
    The Deft Group

    I did a 21,000 square foot house last week, and I was dreading the floor plan, because it's just such a big house and it still it didn't take me that long. I got home at six o 'clock at night and I uploaded this hot mess of a floor plan and I got it back the next morning and it was perfect.

    Fred Light
    Nashua Video Tours

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