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Fast, affordable as-built packages
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Trust iGUIDE for error-free site measurement and documentation

Imagine a world where every commercial design project runs smoothly without costly delays or inaccuracies. 

Introducing iGUIDE packages for commercial design, the solution that streamlines your process and delivers immersive 3D virtual walkthroughs and high-quality 2D and 3D drawing packages in record time.

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We offer solutions tailored to your specific project needs, with scalable options that fit right from the design phase to the as-built process up to the market and sale of the property!

iGUIDE 3D CAD Package

3D Virtual Walkthrough • CAD Floor Plan • 3D Model • Plotted PDF • Roof Plan • Exterior Elevation Drawing

Unlock a property's full potential. This package pairs iGUIDE's immersive experience with 2D CAD (DWG) and 3D Model (Revit) deliverablesdetailed Plotted PDFs, plus a Roof Plan and Exterior Elevation Drawing to provide comprehensive documentation of your property.

Estimated delivery: 3-4 days¹

Add-on: Reflected Ceiling Plan

iGUIDE 2D CAD Package

3D Virtual Walkthrough • CAD Floor Plan • Plotted PDF

Get the complete picture. This bundle combines iGUIDE's immersive tours with editable CAD Floor Plans (DWG files) and detailed Plotted PDFs for comprehensive property documentation and a jumpstart on your design process.

Estimated delivery: 48 hours¹

Add-on: Reflected Ceiling Plan

iGUIDE Premium Package

3D Virtual Walkthrough • Schematic Floor Plan

Provide an immersive virtual experience that lets partners, clients and contractors explore your site 24/7 from any location.

iGUIDE Premium Virtual Walkthroughs and Floor Plans capture every detail and feature unique tagging and measurement tools to help you capture comprehensive project information.

Estimated delivery: 48 hours¹


Point cloud-based 3D Virtual Walkthrough

Optimal for construction monitoring, iGUIDE RADIX provides fast and efficient site visual documentation. The online interface with lidar point cloud is shareable and can be used to view a site and measure in 3D space.

Estimated delivery: 24 hours¹

iGUIDE Add-ons

Enhance your project with additional detail

  1. Reflected Ceiling Plan (available with both packages)
  2. Roof Plan (included with the ‘3D CAD Package’) 
  3. Elevation Drawings (included with the ‘3D CAD Package’) 


¹Delivery time is dependent on property size and complexity and may exceed 48 hours. Excluding Sundays, holidays, and outside office hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).

The iGUIDE Advantage

We know your plans need to be precise and you should be able to trust your partner.

Dedicated support

A dedicated iGUIDE Project Manager will work closely with you to understand your goals, timeline, and scope.

Enhanced visualization

Use iGUIDE's comprehensive 3D virtual walkthroughs to communicate with your partners and vendors virtually.

Cost-effective solution

iGUIDE offers competitive pricing, making high-precision site surveys accessible for all commercial businesses.

As easy as 1-2-3

  • Consultation

    Get a head start on your next project. Our iGUIDE Project Manager will work with you to understand your goals, timeline and scope before delivering a customized project plan with a clear quote.

  • Capture and processing

    Our nationwide team of iGUIDE Service Providers utilize iGUIDE PLANIX cameras to capture your site(s). Our team of professional drafters then create the drawing package and project deliverables, all under the watchful eye of our rigorous QA process, ensuring everything aligns with your project's specific needs.

  • Planning and design

    One-click access to your iGUIDE project starts with the iGUIDE Portal. There, your iGUIDE project deliverables will be readily available, empowering your team to virtually explore the space and kickstart the design process. This fosters confident decision-making for a well-informed build.

Connect with an
iGUIDE Project Manager

Experience iGUIDE

Use the green dots on the floor plan to navigate the space.
Click on the Tags icon to view site tags, which help communicate critical site information.
Click the ruler to measure distances between points in 3D space.
Use the green dots on the floor plan to navigate the space.
Click on the Tags icon to view site tags, which help communicate critical site information.
Click the ruler to measure distances between points in 3D space.

Why choose iGUIDE?

Precise CAD floor plans & models

Capturing thousands of measurements per scan, each CAD floor plan and 3D model is accurate and available in various formats.

Property detail

Provides room measurements, dimensions and total square footage for space planning purposes, including renovation and fit-out projects.

3D immersive walkthrough

Virtually walk through a real-world space to view conditions and easily locate critical assets including MEP.

Measurement tool

Take custom measurements anytime and anywhere with the virtual walkthrough iGUIDE Viewer.

Real-time tagging

Identify equipment, features, and deficiencies as well as links, files or images.


Option to include still photos for additional documentation.

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