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With iGUIDE, you can turn around DWG floor plans within 48 hours¹. Share project files effortlessly and produce 3D walkthroughs for your clients.

Stop struggling with inaccurate measurements, time-consuming processes and inefficient project planning and collaboration.

Discover how you can boost productivity and cut costs with a virtual demo.

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Say goodbye to hours of manual
measurements and drawing

Reduce human error with 1000s of measurements per scan

DWG floor plan file delivered in 48 hours or less¹

Virtual walkthrough & accurate documentation

Real-time collaboration with contractors

¹DWG Floor Plan delivery time is dependent on property size and complexity and may exceed 48 hours.
Excluding Sundays, holidays, and outside office hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm EST).

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans expedite permit approvals effortlessly

The iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans offer a suite of advanced features designed to create fast and accurate CAD drawings tailored to your specific requirements – they’re providing you with a head start. 

  • iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are LOD 200 – level of detail
  • AIA – American Institute of Architects standard layers
  • Annotations include labels, areas, objects and dimensions – Premium only

Cut design and construction costs with iGUIDE for Autodesk® Revit®

Start drafting and design projects with the iGUIDE RVT Add-on for Autodesk® Revit®. Simply request the RVT Add-on when creating a iGUIDE Premium and your RVT file will be delivered in 72 hours or less.²

²RVT model delivery time is dependent on property size & complexity which may exceed 72 hours. Excluding Saturdays & Sundays, holidays and outside office hours (Mon  Fri, 9am  5pm EST). Only available in North America.

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As easy as 1-2-3

  • Capture

    Connect your iGUIDE PLANIX camera system to your smart device, create a new project and start scanning the property.

  • Process

    Upload your data to the iGUIDE Portal where your iGUIDE 3D virtual tour, schematic floor plan, DWG or RVT files will be available once ready.

  • Utilize

    Share with architects, designers and subcontractors to decrease project time, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Check out what makes iGUIDE
your solution superhero!

Click the 'Main Floor Pre' on the iGUIDE to view different stages of the project.
Use the green dots on the floor plan to navigate different rooms.
Click the ruler to try using the measurement feature.

Take 1,000s of
measurements instantly

The days of having to measure manually are in the past. 

The iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System quickly and accurately documents spaces so you can virtually share, communicate and deliver information in real-time.

See beyond the wall to what lies beneath

Capture the property before the drywall is installed to have a visual record before it’s closed off. This is a valuable tool for new homeowners as they modify and decorate their home with advanced knowledge of what structure, plumbing and electrical systems exist within the walls.

Unprecedented visibility

Non-invasively visualize hidden
property elements

Efficient troubleshooting

Pinpoint issues and save time on diagnostics

Streamline renovations

Accurate assessments for smoother construction processes

Protect your clients

Use auto-blur or manually blur sensitive information and objects in any iGUIDE

Trusted by
industry professionals

    What used to take us days, now takes us hours. It's literally saving us time, energy and money.

    William (Billy) Alvaro
    Max Returns Real Estate Investments

    Whether it be with the contractors, architects or developers, using iGUIDE made it easy for everybody to understand the project. With the online floorplan, virtual tour and CAD, it’s easier to stay on the same page. iGUIDE is a game-changer for me.

    Marcel Bradbury
    Master Trades Group

    If time is money, which it is, I am saving beyond the costs of a draftsman when it comes to creating As-Built drawings [using iGUIDE].

    Joe Levitch
    Levco Builders

    We have five people working in-house. We flipped the switch to utilizing the technology and we’re doing three to four times the amount of work with the same people.

    Carl Bernat
    CCS Engineering & Construction

    By using my iGUIDE I don't have to worry if a draftsman can show up to measure or is sick and can't draft the plans. With the iGUIDE, I can take my photos, easily upload to the website and very quickly get the 3D tour and CAD file. The quick turnaround allows me to move fast and design quicker than before. I have gotten plans back to clients in days, not weeks!

    Ralph Michele
    RJM Drafting and Designs

    Thanks for all the help getting us started, I love the product! It's changed our remodelling workflows in just the first few weeks.

    Darrin Haymond
    Finished Basements Sales Consultant
    Sheffield Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to receive an iGUIDE DWG floor plan varies based on the size and complexity of the property. Generally, the turnaround time ranges from 24 to 48 hours, with larger or more intricate properties potentially requiring a bit longer.

You have two options for generating an iGUIDE 3D virtual walkthrough and floor plan. Firstly, you can connect with a nearby iGUIDE Service Operator who will capture your property for you. Alternatively, you can acquire an iGUIDE PLANIX camera system, which is essential for gathering the necessary data yourself. 

iGUIDE offers comprehensive training and support for construction and architecture professionals, including online resources, video tutorials, and dedicated customer support to help users maximize the benefits of the platform for their projects.

iGUIDE uses advanced imaging and lidar laser accurate measurement technology to ensure accuracy in all its data. This includes laser measurements and professional photography to create detailed floor plans and precise measurements.

Yes. You are required to order an iGUIDE Standard or Premium to get a DWG Floor Plan.

DWG is short for drawing and is a file format used by CAD software to store detailed dimensional property information. iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are used to create Architectural Floor Plans, Construction Floor Plans, As-Built Drawings and Design Drawings.

iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans are a head start on creating more complex drawings. They can save you a great amount of time and money in the lead-up to creating your custom drawing by greatly reducing the time it takes to measure a property and convert it into a usable CAD file.

iGUIDE pricing is determined based on the square footage of the property being scanned. The larger the property, the higher the cost. Additional services, such as a DWG file affect the overall price. Get detailed pricing and estimate the cost of your project here.

Acceptable tolerance for wall thicknesses is + or – 1/2”. This information is based upon the maximum dimensions of each room and will have an effect on room dimensions. Room dimensions can also vary. Acceptable tolerance is + or – 1/4”.

iGUIDE is a comprehensive imaging and data solution that provides accurate floor plans, measurements, and 3D virtual tours of properties. It benefits professionals in the construction engineering and architecture industries by providing a head-start on as-built drawings with comprehensive DWG files. It can help with documenting existing structures, planning renovations, and collaborating with stakeholders.

iGUIDE improves efficiency by providing accurate measurements and detailed floor plans, which reduce the need for manual measurements and site visits. It also allows for better spatial planning and visualization, leading to smoother project execution.

Yes, iGUIDE is compatible with many popular construction and architecture software solutions, allowing seamless integration into existing workflows for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

iGUIDE's 3D virtual tours and detailed floor plans provide clients with a clear understanding of project plans and designs, leading to better communication and more informed decision-making. It enhances project presentations by offering immersive visualizations that can bring designs to life.

Yes, iGUIDE is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. It provides valuable insights for assessing existing structures and planning renovations, as well as creating accurate representations of new construction projects.

The scale is set to 1:1. If you would like to adjust the scale you will have to do that manually in your CAD software.

iGUIDE DWG floor plans can be set to Metric or Imperial units and will scale correctly.

The iGUIDE RVT Add-on is an add-on to iGUIDE Premium packages that provides a 3D model in native Autodesk Revit’s format (.rvt).

You'll receive the following when ordering the iGUIDE RVT Add-on:

  • All iGUIDE Premium features such as 3D virtual walkthrough, detailed PDF floor plans, room dimensions and area totals.
  • 2D CAD floor plan (.dwg)
  • 3D Model for Revit (.rvt)

It will take 48 - 72 hours for the Revit model to be delivered (excluding weekends and Canadian holidays). The associated iGUIDE Premium will be delivered in 24 hours or less.

The total iGUIDE Premium + RVT Add-on price is $0.010/ft² USD ($0.07/ ft² for the RVT Add-on plus $0.03 / ft² USD for iGUIDE Premium).

The iGUIDE RVT Add-on is only available with iGUIDE Premium, only North American properties and no larger than 150 scans.

The limit is in place to meet delivery time expectations. Properties larger than 150 scans can still be modeled but require a custom quote.

Please get in touch with an iGUIDE Specialist who will be happy to assist. 

Construction materials and standards vary around the world. iGUIDE RVT files are configured to North American standards.

Currently, Revit is the only supported file type for 3D models. However, iGUIDE’s 2D CAD files in DWG format are compatible with many software types.

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