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iGUIDE Providing ANSI Z765-2021 Compliant Measurements and Reporting for North American Clients

iGUIDE’s ANSI-compliant measurement and reporting ensure more accurate residential square footage measurements to minimize square footage disputes. Waterloo, ON, Canada, (February 4, 2022) iGUIDE – creator of an industry-leading spatial data solution for use in the real estate, insurance, restoration, property management, and affiliated industries  -- announces ANSI Z765-2021 compliant measurement and reporting to [...]

iGUIDE continues to increase the functionality of their immersive 3D virtual tours with the introduction of Advanced Measurements!

Kitchener, ON  (December 2, 2019)  iGUIDE, already known as the gold standard in immersive 3D tours with floor plan navigation, never stops innovating. iGUIDE now gains 3D measurement capability with their Advanced Measurements functionality. Users can measure distances between arbitrary points in 3D space, using only data from the iGUIDE camera and without [...]

The 3-Step System to Optimize Your Online Listing, Step one in the New Guide for Real Estate Marketing Materials

Your real estate marketing materials should grab the attention of prospective buyers. From 3D virtual tours and photos to detailed floor plans and accurate measurements, you can make your listings come to life. The aim is to encourage consumer interaction to help form an emotional attachment to the space. Advancements in technology allow you [...]

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Realtor Lingo – Do You Know What You are Saying?

What are you talking about? Every day you get ready to represent home buyers and sellers because you are a real estate professional. MLS listing protocols are second nature, determining a competitive listing price is easy with accurate measurements and writing up contracts is part of your routine. But how often are you using [...]

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Insurance & Restoration – Fire Investigators

Get Accurate Measurements, Remarkably Fast Quickly document and share measurements, floors plan sketches, and images for your Insurance Claims Restoration Projects WATCH DEMO VIDEO Speak With Our Experts Simply fill out the form below. Get Accurate Measurements, Remarkably Fast Quickly document and share measurements, [...]