Top 12 ways to get more clients for your real estate photography business

When your business is real estate photography, you know how to capture images of a variety of properties.

When your business is real estate photography, you know how to capture images of a variety of properties. No job is too big when you have the proper equipment. The industry is teeming with competitors trying to find out how to get clients as a real estate photographer. Though you already have some repeat business, there is always room for more. Here are some great ways to expand your list of clientele to increase your income.

1. Visit a Brokerage

Real estate brokerages range from multi-national franchises to individually owned businesses. Targeting small to medium-sized brokerages is a way to get up close and personal with brokers and agents. Many new agents are looking for quality photos combined with accurate measurements and floor plans to market their listings. Getting clients as a real estate photographer is as simple as knocking on a few brokerage doors, introducing yourself and giving an example of your work.

2. Educate Yourself on Current Technology

When you think you know how to get clients as a real estate photographer but you still haven’t reached your targets, think technology. Technology is rapidly changing in the industry most recently with the demand for virtual tours, drone footage, and virtual reality. You may have been doing 3D tours for a while now due to the pandemic, but there is a whole lot more coming from leaders in the proptech field like iGUIDE.

3. Search for Top-selling Brokers and Brokerages

Not every agent will want or need all your services. When getting clients as real estate photographers for a specific area, you need to check out the top performers. You know the ones. The agents whose names you see regularly on local advertisements, social media, and on the signs in your chosen geographic region. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Keep your conversation centred around the benefits of using you as their next real estate photographer. 

4. Scour and for Examples

Real estate boards and associations post MLS listings so the public can interact with the ones that capture their attention the most. Take some time to browse several listings and view the virtual tours. When you come across a few that could use a little creative help, how to get clients as a real estate photographer is to call or email the agent. Make some suggestions like adding floor plans and interactive 3D tours to enhance their listing. Give them some examples of the quality work you have done most recently.

5. Attend Open Houses

How else are you getting clients as real estate photographer extraordinaire? Spend a few weekends engaging with the agents who are setting up open houses. Agents have plenty of free time in between waiting for potential buyers to come through the door. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your work and give them your contact details. It never hurts to bring some brochures you have done for other local agents. Keep the conversation light and focus on what they need. Show how your services offer benefits like winning listing presentations and getting properties sold faster.

6. Cold Call

No one likes to cold call but sometimes this is how to get clients as a real estate photographer. Introducing yourself to strangers over the phone may seem a little old school, but it can work. Cold calling real estate agents can lead to some new business especially if you happen to connect on a day when they are looking for a new photographer who offers more services.

7. Offer More Services

Real estate photography is about working together to present properties to potential buyers. If you need help getting clients as real estate photographers often do, you need to offer more than just photos. Real estate agents want and need accurate floor plans, virtual tours, and quick turnaround time. When you offer these services packaged together, Realtors can choose the one that suits their listing best. Some may need just basic accurate measurements with floor plans and photos, while others may want the gold standard that includes drone footage, virtual staging, and advanced measurements.

8. Attend Trade Shows

Real estate trade shows like those sponsored by Inman, NAR, and national real estate brands are great ways to meet like-minded professionals. You will find out how to get clients as a real estate photographer by networking with fellow photographers. Not only will you learn from some of the more experienced photographers, but you will get to understand different techniques and in-demand technology. Companies like iGUIDE are regularly at national trade shows with the latest camera technology for all your real estate photography needs.

9. Build Your Website and Showcase Your brand

Without a good website, no one can find you. If you want to increase ways of getting clients as real estate photographer and business owner, you have to be found on the internet. Your website should give recent examples of services like twilight photography, virtual staging, floor plans, and virtual tours. You can also reach out to potential clients via social networks like Facebook and Instagram to build your brand.

10. Offer Competitive Pricing

What is one of the best ways to grab attention? Competitive pricing is how to get clients as a real estate photographer. Sure, you want to make money and the best way to do that is to be able to get a photoshoot done quickly. Using high-tech camera equipment that captures accurate measurements, floor plans and 3D tours in a matter of minutes is a way to get your job done quickly. You’ll be able to price your services competitively because you aren’t spending all day at one job.

11. Build a Solid Portfolio

Consider what to include in your portfolio as a way of getting clients as real estate photographer? Real estate agents are looking for examples of virtual tours, floor plans with accurate measurements, virtual staging, drone footage, and great still shots. Your portfolio should include a variety of housing types from small bungalows and two stories, to elaborate mansions and acreage properties.

12. Ask for Referrals from Previous Clients

Referrals are great! When your clients like what you do, they recommend your services. This is how to get clients as a real estate photographer. Recommendations are like Google reviews when you need to know how to get clients as a real estate photographer. When a current real estate agent works with you and refers your services to other agents, what more could you ask for? 

Remember, when getting clients as real estate photographer expert, you offer a multitude of benefits to your number one client, Realtors. Good photography gets the consumer interested in the property. Great photography paired with virtual tours, floor plans, and accurate measurements gets the property sold.

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