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Cuts time & costs

Combines floor plans, 3D tours and accurate measurements to provide comprehensive property documentation.

Eliminates manual measurement

It's the most efficient system for documenting interior spaces without a measuring tape!

Streamlines claims processing

It's the fastest solution for processing claims with ESX export and integrates with Verisk Xactimate software.

See how it works:

Click the Main Floor Pre on the iGUIDE to view different stages of the project.
Use the green dots on the floor plan to navigate different rooms.
Click the ruler to try using the measurement feature.

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Trusted by industry professionals

    10 adjusters and 9 of them don’t know how to frame a shot. If you let us take an iGUIDE virtual tour, then you’ll have a million still images. iGUIDE technology has given Deft a huge competitive advantage. Simply seeing how much value it’s brought to deft, we fell in love with it!

    Jeremiah Kiefer
    Founder & CEO
    The Deft Group

    They [iGUIDE] are great and the Xactimate ESX file is incredible. The amount of time saved on return trips to measure is huge savings. The camera will pay for itself. To be able to have a full sketch 24 hours later is great.

    Chris A. Howell
    Smoky Mountain Inspection Services, Inc.

    I was introduced to iGUIDE by a restoration contractor. The value is to me for measurements, photo documentation and post-inspection estimate preparation. It’s great to share with team members.

    David Franks
    Independent Adjuster
    Capstone Claims Corporation

    This product amazes me every time I use it. It works so flawlessly and it's such a joy to have and use for my work. I shot a 53,000 sq ft office space and although it took a while, it was so easy and took little effort on my part aside from moving around the 5-story building.

    Roger Thorpe
    Fire Investigator
    Joseph Myers Investigations LLC