The 3-Step System to Optimize Your Online Listing, Step 3: Show Results to Your Clients

On with the show. Proof of your efforts to successfully market a property can help your seller understand how and when their home gets viewed.

Not only can you identify the most popular dates and times the 3D virtual tours and floor plans have been seen, but you can analyze the duration of online visits to your listing information. The staging and sharing steps make your listing stand out to the consumer but it is also important to show the seller how they benefit from the process. Questions of why their home is not selling or not being shown enough often arise during the contract period. Sellers are anxious to know “how is everything going” and “when can we expect an offer”. When you give the seller the full scope of online activity you can help answer some of their questions. After all, your seller is most often providing compensation for your professional services and in return, you need to show them why they made the correct decision in choosing you as their real estate agent. Show value by showing your real estate analytics.

Real Estate analytics – numbers don’t lie

Numbers provide everyone with a way to identify specific trends. When the real estate market is hot it is reflected by the number of houses sold, the number of homes currently listed, and the all-important number, the selling price. Numbers can also give you a comprehensive understanding of space when paired with 3D virtual tours, floor plans and advanced measurements. According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers place a high value on the availability of these details when searching for websites for information. Similarly, home sellers are looking for numbers to confirm the popularity of their listing and the results of their real estate agent’s marketing efforts. This can easily be shown with the help of comprehensive data gathered and viewed through listing analytics.

Understanding the data

What can real estate analytics tell you? You can gain a better understanding of where your referrals are being generated. is a popular referring sight for many potential buyers. You can also see if your listing is generating interest from your website or through linked resources like google or popular social media links like Instagram and Facebook. Analyzing the information helps you modify your real estate marketing to place your online listing information in front of buyers. Good indicators of successful marketing are repeat visitors and the duration of time spent browsing your real estate photos and floor plans. All this data can be shared with your seller to demonstrate the value of virtual tours and how you are marketing their property.

Improving results

Analytics give you more than just data and numbers, it can help you adjust your marketing. Not getting traffic through your Facebook advertisements? Try switching social media channels until you see the numbers improve. Sharing the listing analytics with your seller is important but it is also important to make sure you are sharing your contact information too. Analytic reports can be edited to include a banner containing your brand, your name, your phone number and your brokerage logo. 

Build your brand

Real estate-related Google searches continue in popularity so make sure you give your listings a reason for Google to identify them. Every real estate online listing with consistent information like floor plans, advanced measurements and 3D tours captures the attention of potential buyers. How do you know your listing is getting traffic and growing your brand awareness? Real estate analytics. It’s not always enough to have great negotiating skills and plenty of experience. With more than 1.5 million members of the National Real Estate Association competing for business, you need to show the value you bring to the table. Analytics help you build your brand one seller at a time by showing the results of your marketing efforts. You can count on a happy seller referring you to their friends and family. 

Give more get more

Listing analytics reports can get you more leads from prospective sellers. When you share more information about your online listings like advanced measurements, floor plans and easily navigated virtual tours, your listings get more attention. Inman is not the only source of real estate information that states virtual tours are here to stay. Virtual 3D tours are now the norm in the industry and are expected by your seller as part of the listing package deal. Analytics provide call-to-action insights and show value to your seller. A more comprehensive understanding of your marketing efforts keeps you and your seller in the know.  

Think of your real estate analytics as a listing report card where you can watch your progress, see improvement and track your results. Get straight A’s from your seller for every listing with iGUIDE.

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