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How Quick and Efficient Documentation Leads to More Business for Insurance & Restoration Professionals

Identification provides information. How you identify individual restoration projects can realize efficiency improvement and workflow optimization. Virtual Walkthrough technology is invaluable when working towards insurance claims resolution. It provides clear and concise imaging of vital assets in a chosen environment. But beyond capturing the physical space, there is a quick and easy way to identify [...]

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The Importance of Proper Documentation for Insurance Claims and Restoration Projects

The evidence speaks for itself or does it? Large loss insurance claims can lead to problematic situations. How an insurance adjuster documents a claim is determined by the scope of damage and the possibility of restoration. A complete loss due to a catastrophic event like a massive fire or full-on cyclone could leave nothing behind [...]

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The Role of Technology in Modern Restoration and Insurance Processes

What do technology, insurance, and restoration have in common? Tools of the trade. When you think of technology, you think about computers, digital data, hardware, and software. These common tools are used daily in the insurance industry for processing claims. When it comes to the relationship between technology, insurance, and restoration, the important factors are [...]

  • The Impact of Natural Disasters on the Insurance and Restoration Industry

The Impact of Natural Disasters on the Insurance and Restoration Industry and How to Prepare for Them

210 Billion dollars is the monetary value of overall losses from worldwide disasters in 2020. This number is up more than 30% year over year from 2019. Recent hurricanes, floods, fires, and cyclones are just some of the causes behind the destruction of property around the world. The insurance industry is constantly in the process [...]

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Digital Twins and The Future Of The Insurance and Restoration Industry

What is a digital twin? In our fast-paced world of digital technology and information, data sourcing and the accuracy of information gathering and sharing may be one of our most valuable tools in monitoring and managing our assets. Today, the availability of real-time data using wireless technology, drones and sensory detection devices can assist in [...]

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4 Key Components to Streamlining Your Insurance & Restoration Process

Fire and flood claims are pouring in across North America and that means more business for Insurance & Restoration companies. The Consumer Claims Journal reports that fire is the number one insurance claim across the country with 80% of those claims being residential. When assessing damage and restoring properties to their pre-peril state, time is [...]