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The Ultimate Guide to Capturing and Measuring XL Interior Spaces

The aim of this paper is to help you redefine the science of measuring and capturing large interior spaces with speed, ease, and accuracy. This ultimate guide will take you on an in-depth journey into understanding the many unique challenges, considerations, and approaches to best [...]

A New Definition of Professionalism

Looking to better understand the dangers of using tax data in property listings? Wondering how big an impact inaccurate measurements can have on a property listing and ultimately your professional reputation? Marilyn Wilson, a Managing Partner for WAV Group and President of RE Technology.com, explores those [...]

3D Cameras and 360 Cameras: State of 3D Virtual Tour Technology

By: Alex Likholyot Updated: March 2, 2021 These days 3D tours are widely used for visualizing and marketing indoor spaces. They are also used to provide detailed space documentation such as floor plans and measurements. Anyone looking at getting into making 3D tours is likely overwhelmed by the number [...]