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Introduction to iGUIDE®’s Indoor Mapping System

Welcome to iGUIDE’s Indoor Mapping System. This system will take your real estate photography to the next level. Creating floor plans and virtual 3D real estate virtual tours has never been easier or faster for real estate photographers. Let’s start with getting familiar with the 3D virtual Tour Camera, its accessories, and its basic operation. The carrying case holds the camera itself, the charger for the DSLR battery, and the charger for the main system battery. When you take a close look at the 3D virtual Tour Camera, you will notice that it is comprised of a system controller, a laser scanner, a battery, and a DSLR with a fisheye lens. The top of the camera also has a spirit level, so you can level it before you shoot. You connect to the system using wi-fi from almost any smart device. You can use your phone, a tablet, or even your computer. Once you’ve connected your device to the system, you can see the data and images gathered in real time.

All the data that’s gathered is stored on a USB drive plugged directly into the system, and not the smart device itself. You can even switch between devices while shooting a property. While in mapping mode, data is gathered while you move throughout a property. The raw data will gradually form into a recognizable floor plan. When shooting panoramas, room data will be gathered alongside fisheye images that will later be turned into a full spherical panorama. Any room data that’s gathered while shooting a panorama will be automatically aligned to the map data that’s already been gathered. You can even use the camera in mapping mode and create panoramas at the same time. When the entire property is mapped, the final step is to edit the data on your home computer and then send the data to Planitar, where it will be drafted and become an iGUIDE. Take a look at the video to see a demonstration, and discover how the iGUIDE camera system is revolutionizing real estate marketing.

How the iGUIDE® Camera System Maps a Space

A 3D virtual tour is a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. In the past, creating virtual home tours and interactive floor plans was a labour-intensive, time-consuming process for the real estate photographer. But now, thanks to iGUIDE, it can be done both quickly and accurately. If you are a real estate photographer, you’re probably wondering, “How long does it take to map a space using the iGUIDE camera system?” The answer to that question is: about one minute per panorama or scan point. The iGUIDE camera system measures and photographs at the same time so, while creating the panoramas, you’re also measuring the space. So what that means is that, by the end of your shoot, You will have all the data that’s required for the property to be drafted and turned into an interactive 3D real estate virtual tour. This is a time lapse video of the camera system being used with a smart device to capture the entire space in 10 panoramas. 10 panoramas took about 10 minutes to take. If the property were larger, requiring 20 panoramas, shooting might take about 20 minutes.

The total time also includes the time required to walk from one position to the next. In the video, you’ll see the raw data within moments. Each dot represents a place where the camera was positioned for a panorama. So, if we’re going to answer the question, “How long does it take to map a space?” we need to know how big the space is. In general, it’s going to take about one minute per panorama. The iGUIDE mapping system allows you to map a property quickly and easily, and minimize disruption to the homeowner. You should also have lots of time left over to create still pictures, video, or to go map another property.

iGUIDE® Large Space Mapping

A 3D virtual tour is a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. Click here to view the iGUIDE.

And real estate photography is evolving to accommodate this phenomenon. In the past, creating virtual home tours and interactive floor plans was a time-consuming and labour intensive process for real estate photographers. But with the iGUIDE 3D virtual tour camera, creating a real estate virtual tour can be done both quickly and accurately. Not just a camera for real estate photography, this technology is a powerful measuring tool, able to calculate square footage, and able to create interactive floor plans, interactive virtual tours, and listing presentations for real estate agents. This is truly a new era in real estate marketing and real estate photography.

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