The iGUIDE camera system captures lidar point cloud data and 360-degree images

This data can be immediately published online and shared to begin the estimating process or can be further edited in Planitar’s desktop Stitch software before uploading. Upon upload to the iGUIDE cloud a 3D tour and DXF files are automatically generated.

The DXF files will contain all the 2D point cloud data for use in AutoCAD or compatible software. Measurements can be made on the 3D tour itself and exported in a JPEG file. Import a scaled JPEG file into Xactimate, Symbility or other claim management software as an underlay for rapid floor plan sketching. Or send your data to Planitar and have a complete floor plan drafted for you as a regular iGUIDE. As all iGUIDEs, Radix can be downloaded as a standalone ZIP file for archival purposes, offline viewing or hosting on a 3rd party online claim management cloud.