Real estate photographer stands out amidst fierce competition with iGUIDE

Tammy Loverdos’ real estate photography business was thriving from the time it opened in a fiercely competitive market.

And she credits iGUIDE technology for the 300 per cent growth at her company—ShowCase Photo Tours—since it opened in October 2017.

“It grew phenomenally,” says Tammy.  “Definitely, once I launched the business with iGUIDE and photos, it went very fast and continued to grow and was very busy and profitable.”

It is based in Alexandria, Virginia but serves the real estate agents and brokers in a wide, prosperous belt around Washington D.C.

After working in communications and marketing for 20 years Tammy wanted to turn her passion for photography into a business. She loves taking pictures of mid-century modern homes, and decided real estate was her entre to the world of professional photography.

There was, and is, a lot of competition, but the iGUIDE camera made Tammy stand out from her many competitors.

“It was the corner stone of my business, or my unique sales proposition,” says Tammy. “And it really did support the growth of my business.”

With an iGUIDE camera, and its back-end support, she produces interactive floor plans with square-footage measurements for each room, 3D tours, 360 degree tours and virtual tours. Everything is delivered to the client in a single email attachment, usually within 24 hours.

When she made presentations to real estate agents and brokers, they immediately realized there was nothing else like it in the property tech space.

“Again, it all comes down to having something unique to make you stand out from the crowd, that’s what iGUIDE gave me,” says Tammy. “I got fabulous reactions from people because they loved technology.”

Tammy uses her iGUIDE camera on three quarters of her shoots, and it has become a huge percentage of her business.

“If I was just out there with photos, I don’t think I could do this work. It wouldn’t be realistic. I don’t believe that I would be able to sell a photo shoot for real estate without additional product. And iGUIDE encompasses all those additional products—floor plans, the measurements, the layout, the interactive viewer.  All of those things come together,” says Tammy.

“Instead of trying to do each of those pieces separately and put it together on the website for the clients, iGUIDE does if all for you–puts it all together into the iGUIDE viewer and you get your amazing product at the end,” says Tammy.

The package includes 360/3D tours of every space in a home, solid information with floorplans and measurements, photographs to create emotional connections with viewers and then video for the highlights.

The economy in her area is based on the federal government and military. So, housing prices are solid, and she is planning to grow her real estate photography business. The iGUIDE camera is at the centre of her growth plans.

“I am working on video now and using iGUIDE video and photography to package up a beautiful listing for realtors. And I am positioning my business to be less of a freelancer providing services for them, and more of a marketing partner,” she says.