Standing out in real estate photography: Leroy Schulz's story

In a competitive real estate marketplace, standing out as a real estate photographer can be challenging. Finding your niche and that “wow” factor to attract clients can sometimes feel out of reach. 

Real estate photography requires a unique skill set and knowledge of how to showcase properties in the best possible light. At the same time, you need to provide the best possible value for your clients.  

Just ask Leroy Schulz, Operator at Scend Media. He found being a generalist as a real estate photographer didn't work because potential clients had a difficult time understanding his unique value.  

So, what does he believe is the perfect recipe for success in the real estate marketplace as a photographer? Develop the skills to provide the best possible output to solve a painful problem for your clients. 

Leroy believes a specialized approach enables you to better market yourself as an expert in your field and attract clients who are specifically seeking out your expertise.  

Initial Challenge

When Leroy first decided to get into the real estate photography business, his goal was to be busy. He wanted to be booked up all the time.  

How amazing would that be?  Not having to focus on prospecting for clients but having the gift of managing a busy calendar. But as a generalist he found it hard to do. 

Leroy started having more conversations with his clients about their pain points. He was investigating how he could double their business.  

The result? He found many jurisdictions throughout North America required realtors to provide accurate square footage data for each property listing with a floor plan. It was a painful process of manually documenting each room and working with a professional firm to draw an accurate floor plan. 

Some realtors would take the time to measure the space themselves, while others would hire a contractor to take accurate measurements and draw a realistic floor plan for the listing. 

Either way, it would take hours and inconvenience the sellers. Leroy knew there had to be a better solution. 

Discovering a solution

Leroy found iGUIDE through another operator after he was asked to step in and capture a property. After using it a few times, he knew this was the solution he was looking for. 

“The problem that iGUIDE had solved for me was having capacity and not enough demand.” 

Now, he books out several days in advance because of the value iGUIDE provides his clients. 

Realtors hire Scend Media to capture and create the ultimate listing package for their clients. The iGUIDE PLANIX camera system instantly takes thousands of laser-accurate room measurements using lidar laser technology to create an accurate floor plan, 3D virtual tour and photos that integrate directly into MLS, web platforms and social media. 

What used to take hours now takes minutes. Importantly, the measurements provided by iGUIDE are “second to none in terms of accuracy,” notes Leroy.  

“By adding iGUIDE as a service, I had a well-rounded, complete solution to offer clients. So, my capacity is at zero since I started offering iGUIDE.” 

For Leroy, iGUIDE has taken Scend Media to maximum bookings, a full client roster and calendar. And because iGUIDE helped satisfy realtors’ needs repeat business also grew. 

Seeing benefits and results

Level of detail: With iGUIDE, Leroy provides accurate measurements for the entire property with a complete floor plan. That level of detail combined with the 3D virtual tour sets his realtor’s listings apart.  

His clients love how easy it is to use and buyers love the fact that they can browse the property from anywhere at any time. 

Finding a target market

Since integrating iGUIDE Leroy is busy and nearing full capacity — an unexpected (but positive) benefit of adding iGUIDE to Scend Media’s offering. 

Affordable solution

It's a very friendly business model. There are no monthly fees and operators pay for the services they use as they need them. Leroy shared, “The pricing model and the product offerings all seem to be based on let's put our customers first.” 

Easy to use and learn

It was easy for Leroy to learn with online training materials and support available whenever needed. In his words, “iGUIDE system has always been a very customer-focused company. Tech support is prompt and responsive in comparison to dozens of other vendors across various industries.”  

Multiple views

The ability to create multiple views for a property sets iGUIDE apart from the competition. It works well in cases where a realtor doesn't want to show a particular part of the property. A common request is to have a public view that doesn't show an unfinished basement as well as a private view that the realtor can share to show to select clients the totality of a property.  

How has Scend Media continually got so many (repeat) projects, approaching 3,000 over the last few years? Simple: iGUIDE.  

“It’s a complete solution for [realtors]. It includes the virtual tour, measurements, square footage, photos... video, maps. It’s got the floor plan downloadable and interactive.” Leroy continues: “If an agent needs to list, they can book one appointment with us... and they’re all set. I would wholeheartedly recommend the iGUIDE system to other photographers.”  

If your photography business wants to add capacity and fill more slots in your schedule, consider adding an iGUIDE to your services. 

Go ahead and book a virtual demo with an iGUIDE Specialist to see how it can help your photography business grow.