How a Real Estate Photographer Went From 0 to 20 iGUIDEs a Week

Ail Sonderup, a London-based real estate photographer, is no stranger to virtual tours. She was introduced to them back in 2003 when the technology was still in its infancy. After graduating from the Fanshawe College Photography program, she worked at a small local startup that was developing this technology for the next 10 years.

In 2013, Ail decided to start her own business in real estate photography, which became known as Click 360 Photography.

The professionalism and entrepreneurship that she dedicated to the new venture, started to pay off. She began getting more and more traction. It is no surprise that real estate agents recognized her skills as she practiced photography for many years.

In 2015, Ail was approached by one of her clients who proposed an interesting business arrangement.

“I was approached by a local broker, who had seen the technology used at a recent conference, to do iGUIDEs on behalf of his brokerage,” says Ail.

iGUIDE is a prop-tech solution that enables real estate photographers to create immersive 3D tours, laser-accurate floor plans, and square footage measurements.

Sonderup was immediately impressed with this cutting-edge technology. She quickly realized that iGUIDE would be an industry game-changer.

“They bought the kit and I did iGUIDEs exclusively for that brokerage for over a year. We were the ONLY ones in London, Ontario doing them at the time.

One of the unique things about this technology was that it required practically no additional time for processing. All she needed to do was to upload everything to the iGUIDE’s backend and wait until it was processed within one business day.

After working for over a year with the brokerage, Ail took a quick break for maternity leave. But upon her return to the business in 2019, she immediately invested in a new iGUIDE camera system. She now wanted to introduce it to all of her clients.

“I am grateful to that brokerage as they changed the landscape of my business,” says the founder of Click 360 Photography.

iGUIDE’s realistic 3D tours, floor plans, and accurate square footage measurements are not only an essential part of her business, but they also made her move to full-time hours and achieve the desired financial goals.
Today, Ail makes between 16 and 20 iGUIDE each week. She is serving both residential and commercial clients in London, St.Thomas & the surrounding area.

The introduction of iGUIDE to the real estate agents went down very well. So well in fact, that she decided to stop taking on more business and focus on providing higher quality services for her existing clients only.

“After I started providing iGUIDE as part of my services, my business blew up,” says Ail. “Now I have more clients than I can handle.”