The 3-Step System to Optimize Your Online Listing, Step 2: Sharing Your Listing to Get Attention

Marketing real estate listings mean sharing information across as many channels as possible.

Accurate floor plans, advanced measurements and easily navigated 3D virtual tours capture attention and provide an engaging experience for both the consumer and real estate professionals. Once your listing is prepped up, tidied up and spruced up with virtual staging, you need to share the details to achieve the sale. Snippets of your virtual tours spark interest in potential buyers and lead them into exploring every aspect of a property. Whether you share in the form of a teaser reel on your preferred social media channel or share through your MLS platform, it is important to offer accurate and enticing particulars about the seller’s home. The question is, what do you share, how do you share and when do you share?

What to share

It’s no surprise that pretty much everyone is using the internet when searching for a new home. Recent statistics indicate that 97% of homebuyers are online and actively seeking information long before they contact their real estate agent. Listing a property and getting it viewed is simple with a few real estate marketing tips. Start by sharing reliable information. Technology leaders like iGUIDE provide everything you need to list a property. Professional photos with easy-to-navigate floor plans allow potential buyers to see the listing from a variety of different viewpoints. Reliable square footage calculations and laser-accurate room measurements help a homebuyer in the decision-making process. In a recent survey from NAR photos, details about a property, 3D tours and floor plans ranked high on the “very useful” list of features they wanted to see on the web. Get that sold sign ready by speeding up the appraisal process when you share ANSI-Z765-2021 compliant floor plan measurements for all your residential listings.

How to share

The MLS is a marketing real estate no-brainer. Once you upload your listing data into your local real estate board’s platform you are sharing information instantly. Consumers and agents around the globe can visit your 3D virtual tours where you can share images, guided video tours, and highlight pertinent property information and links to your website. Step-by-step guidelines are available to show you exactly how to create attention-grabbing social media posts for Facebook and Instagram. Even if you are not tech savvy you can share and create captivating posts yourself. Start by sharing on your personal social media accounts and once you are familiar with the system you can set up a business page to attract more clients. Build your brand around specific areas you farm by letting everyone know when you get a new listing. You can quickly become the go-to agent with a bit of creativity, a few hashtags and some teaser reels.

When to share

They say timing is everything. Knowing when to share your listing’s information can help get the word out to your target audience. Use social posts to your advantage at the onset of your new listings and follow through with regular posts to update about open houses, neighbourhood happenings and when the property gets sold. Real estate marketing tips from experts like Tom Ferry highlight the importance of hiring professional photographers and using technology like virtual staging and 3D virtual tours to allow potential buyers to visualize themselves in a home. With the help of analytics, you can share important information with your seller about the number of visits your listing is getting and the length of time visitors are browsing through the information. Share at regular intervals with your sellers to highlight your marketing efforts in getting their house sold. With 90% of home sellers working with a real estate agent the competition can get fierce. Give the seller a reason to choose you. Show them the great ways you market real estate on their behalf by providing access to all the information a homebuyer needs to make a decision.

When marketing real estate, think of making a connection with the consumer rather than selling them something. Not everyone will be ready to purchase a home right now, but when you share engaging content in an easy-to-understand format your name will be at the forefront of their minds. Building relationships takes time and the best way to grow the relationship is to nurture it by providing valuable information. Remember, you are not the only real estate agent out there but you can capture leads by capturing attention. 


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