Tips and tricks for selling your home quickly for top dollar

A home is like a castle and every castle needs a little TLC once in a while to keep it inviting and functioning correctly.

Updated décor, a few smart renovations, and some modern touches can do wonders to make a property competitive in the real estate market. Every seller wants the answer to the question of “how to sell my home fast” and your experienced eye and marketing savvy can make all the difference between a quick transaction and a stale listing.

It is the little things that are often overlooked when putting a house up for sale, so before placing the call to your real estate photographer to capture 3D images and virtual tours, here are a few tips and tricks to getting top dollar for every listing.

Modernization, renovation, and Honey-do lists

Real Estate agents know that upgrading with the latest equipment, a few touch-ups, and some renovations are how to sell your home for more than you would by listing it “as is”. All it takes are a few weekends to tick off some of the items on the Honey-do list like cleaning up the clutter, tidying the yard, and making a few minor changes.

According to a recent article by CNBC, the greatest return on resale value happen as a result of updated kitchen appliances and freshening up the front facade. Not surprising that interactive 3D tours allow potential buyers to get up close and personal with the home’s most important features.

Virtual tours are ideal for highlighting the spaces the consumer is often drawn to and having a virtual open house can help move up the possibility of a sale. Incorporating proptech into your real estate marketing plan will show off that new garage door that everyone wants to have, as well as introduce potential buyers to the fit and flow of the property with accurately measured floor plans.

Mechanics and material defects

If it’s not broken why fix it? When it comes to how to sell my home fast in any market, one of the important things to remember is to make sure the mechanical items in the property are functioning properly. This is not to say that every seller needs to replace their furnace, boiler, and air conditioner to get the house sold. But if you want the transaction to go smoothly after you have achieved a conditional sale then things need to be in good working order. A cracked heat exchanger or ruptured water line could have the buyer questioning the integrity of the entire home. So before listing, make sure all the material defects have been attended to.

Set the stage virtually

Presentation is everything in real estate. How you showcase a property determines how quickly and how much it will sell for. To get the highest dollar for the seller in the least amount of time you need to be using the proptech tools for your real estate marketing.

Virtual tours, accurately measured floor plans, and virtual staging make a difference in how much time the consumer spends perusing a home. Besides great curb appeal that draws a buyer into a property, staging a home makes it seem more personal and creates an emotional connection to the otherwise regular-looking space.

According to NAR, the most important rooms in a house to stage are the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. But the clincher for locking down how to sell your home for more is allowing the buyer to visualize the way their personal items will conform to each space. With the help of cutting-edge technology and advanced measurements from companies like iGuideⓇ, an emotional connection forms.

Let the consumer play with the floor plan, by measuring vertical, horizontal, and 3D spaces to determine renovation costs, furniture placement, and ceiling height for the annual 10-foot Christmas tree. Once the connection is formed, the sale is just around the accurately measured corner.

Tech to triumph

Link everything through proptech. Where do you go for information on buying a home in the twenty-first century? If your answer is anything but the internet you may not be interested in the ways a Realtor® can satisfy the wishes of how to sell my home fast.

It is interesting to note the most recent findings from NAR state that a whopping 61% of homebuyers are between the ages of 22-55, and that means they are tech-friendly. Proptech provides the consumer access to virtual tours, 3D images, and accurate floor plans every minute of the day, so it is in the technology that lies the triumph.

Not only do virtual tours help win listing and generate leads, but they get homes sold faster and for more. Proptech gives you the stand-out effect combining 3D video, interactive floor plans, virtual open houses, virtual reality, and easy navigation for it all. When selling is your target, hitting the bullseye through the use of technology is a no-brainer.
Just because the castle has a few flaws and some dated chattels there are still ways to make it stand out. The goal is to focus on easy-to-use technology to grab the attention of the consumer. The journey to selling a home fast requires all information to be accessible online in an instant and you can accomplish all that by using iGuideⓇ.

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